Our Staff


High Cascade Staff photo 2013

Our summer camp employs approximately 130 staff members (over a 2 to 1 camper to staff ratio).

Our staff is certified in First Aid and CPR and is selected based on their relevant work experience, qualifications, maturity level, reliability, enthusiasm and overall ability to provide a positive and supportive environment for our campers. Applicants pass pre-employment drug screening and agree to random testing throughout the season. Background checks and motor vehicle record checks are also performed on staff. We are very proud of the fact that over 80% of our staff return each year. All High Cascade camper grounds are alcohol, drug, and tobacco free.


  • Terence Stilin-Rooney


The High Cascade coaching staff have one goal during the summer: to make sure our campers have the best time possible. From 9:00 – 1:00 your coach will be your group’s private tour guide, shred professor, life coach and all around support system while on the hill. Off hill you’ll meet up for skate sessions, trampoline time, video analysis and assorted fun.

  • Dave Reynolds (Head Coach)
  • Al Grogan
  • Alex Horgan
  • Ariel Friedman
  • Collin Backowski – Rest In Peace 1987-2013
  • Grant Giller
  • Greg Nelson
  • Jack Dawe
  • Jason Albery
  • Jason Kaplan
  • JD Dennis
  • Johnny O’Conner
  • Kyle Hansen
  • Lee Guarino
  • Max Warbington
  • Nic Nagel
  • Nick Poplawski
  • Sandra Hillen
  • Stan Wu
  • Steve Maneotis
  • Terri Mayrer
  • Tori Koski


The High Cascade Counselors are an impressive bunch. Hand picked from literally hundreds of resumes, the counselor crew makes sure your time at camp is second to none. From waking you up in the morning, keeping you honest with the sunscreen, driving your shuttles, running activities, making sure you remember to eat, and flipping the lights out switch at the end of the night: counselors have “fun-safe living” down to an art form.

  • Aera Neumann (Head Counselor)
  • Ben Strause
  • Brian Gormley
  • Christian Sparks
  • Courtney Newberg
  • Danny Hodges
  • Devin Schnake
  • Dylan Trewin
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Bernhardt
  • Gregg Janecky (Airport Arrival and Departure Coordinator)
  • Hannah Bellenbaum
  • James (Jimmi) Buyck
  • Jesse Gouveia
  • Justin Keskin
  • Kadin Mulla
  • Kevin Holmes
  • Kevin Maples
  • Kellie Wright
  • Magnus Byrlev
  • Melissa (Meese) Johnson
  • Molly Cooney
  • Peter Limberg
  • Sierra Murphy
  • Slater Herman
  • Toby Witte

Adult Camp

Although our Adult Camp coaches change year to year, hand picked from our roster of coaches, guest pros and industry leaders – the guiding light of this program has remained the same for years. Currently holding the record for the most consecutive summers working at camp – Ms. Wright has adjusting the classic camp experience to the adult specifications down to a science.

  • Kellie Wright (Adult Camp Manager)
  • Alex Grzankowski (Adult Camp Manager)

K-Unit (Kitchen)

Our kitchen unit makes the Iron Chefs look like a high school home economics class. This tight knit group of skilled culinary artists will not only shred lettuce and cheese for taco night, but can be see shredding their faces off on everything in the park.

  • Kevin Westenbarger (Kitchen Manager)
  • Adam Mattern
  • Christian Hobush
  • Danika Duffy
  • Isabella Borriello
  • Jacob St. John   
  • Luke Giacopelli
  • Matt Larsen
  • Melissa Evans
  • Nirvana Ortanez

The Diggers

These dark knights of HCSC hail from a long lineage of well-tanned warriors. Typically dressed in black and wielding a blue Planet Snow Tools rake, they are the first people on hill and the last off-hill, day in day out, all summer long. The keepers of the salt and the sultans of the slush have maintained and protected our parks for generations.

  • Corey McDonald (Head Digger)
  • John Castro (Assistant Head Digger)
  • Aaron Fraher
  • Blake Geis
  • Brandon Sakiewicz
  • Breanna Lamson
  • Dan Vinzant
  • Jack Harris
  • Jay Minassian
  • Joe Hill
  • Jonathon McDonald 
  • Loren Exxon
  • Marie Hucal
  • Nick Doucette
  • Oliver Dixon
  • Parker Duke 


When things get bouncy, you’ll be sure to find our Trampoline Coordinators keeping the peace, driving the action, and instructing the students of spring.

  • Gregg Janecky (Trampoline Coordinator)
  • Andrew (Drew) Herder
  • Kadin Mulla


With over 22,000 sq. Ft. of private skate facilities, we’ve called on one man time and time again to reign supreme over our Skatedom. From the moment our ramps are unchained, till they’re locked up at night steaming in the moonlight, our skate coordinator anchors the action.

  • Laura Rogoski

Demo / Camp Store

With typically over 600 set ups of next years boards, boots and bindings – our demo team needs to be a well-oiled machine of screw turning camper customer service. Spending their winters on the slopes of the world’s greatest mountains and the floors of the world’s finest shops, this crew is a knowledge pool deeper than Lake Wikipedia.

  • Amanda Hankison (Camp Store Manager)
  • Eli Hays
  • Myles Soderstrom  (Demo Shop Manager)
  • James Thomas
  • Andrew Kelly (AK)


Fact: when over two hundred snowboarders are in one place for more than 10 minutes – things start breaking. Although our staff of 125 are among the most respectful humans on earth and our 1500+ campers per summer are superbly well behaved, things still go wrong. When a toilet just can’t deal, or the Dodgeball fence takes a pounding – this is the crew who comes to the rescue.

  • Will Allie (Maintenance Manager)
  • Jacob Campbell

The Office™

Thousands of phone calls answered, hundreds of camper care packages delivered and enough faxing, copying and stapling to keep a small country running are handled by this crew. All smiles, no papercuts.

  • Mimi Lopour (Camp Relations Manager)
  • Chelsea Waddell
  • Megan Stark
  • Kasey Sheldon

Video Department

If something happens at camp, chances are these guys can prove it. From private video shoots, to web-edits to the Session Videos, this team of AV nerd / artsy pants filmers can be found with one eye in the view finder and one hand on a mouse all summer long

  • Eli Olson 
  • Colton Morgan
  • Derek Combs
  • Jeremy Thornburg
  • John Stark
  • Matt Roberge 
  • Mia Lambson
  • RJ McNichols

Photo Department

Brush your hair, smile and say “cheese”. From arrival day ID photos, to private camper shoots to all around memory capturing, the photo department is the closest camp gets to having a paparazzi.

  • Greg Furey (Photo Dept. Manager)
  • Brandon Huttenlocher
  • Eddy Densow 
  • Cole Martin 
  • Jenna Kuklinski (Social Media)

Park Builders

Since 1997 our Parks and Pipes have been envisioned, crafted and maintained by the preeminent snow sculptors in the business: Planet Snow Design. From Olympic Pipes to the US Open, to the parks at High Cascade – when the best parks need to be built, the most precise pipes carved and the finest rails welded – there’s no where else to turn.

  • Corey McDonald

Health Department

Priority number one in our health department is injury and sickness prevention. That said, it turns out that even in a perfect world people still get bumps, bruises, sniffles and scrapes. When these inconvenient truths come to pass, our top notch team in the HCSC Health Department is there to spring into action.

  • Greg Kerwin (Health Department Manager / RN)
  • Jillian Olander 
  • Shannon Fuchs


Year-Round Staff

These folks work year round in the office planning, prepping and coordinating our summer efforts. When June 7th rolls around and our giant staff is reunited, they are constantly amazed at the caliber of people HCSC attracts and are honored to have the opportunity to work with the fine people listed above.

  • Kevin English (Co-Owner/Executive Director)
  • Terence Stilin-Rooney (Camp Director)
  • Tim Benasich (Creative Director)
  • Kasey Sheldon (Camp Relations Manager)
  • Tom Johnson (Director of Marketing)
  • Marc O’Malley (Digital Content Manager)
  • Mike Langdon (Bookkeeper)