Gather your club and come ride with us this summer! Just hop on a bus or an airplane and we'll take care of the rest. If your club hasn’t heard about this program yet, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll gladly send you some more information or call us at 503.206.8520.

Cost per camper:
Youth (9-20): $1,899 per camper
Adults (21+): $2,049 per camper

Sessions available:
Session 1- June 16 – 23
Session 2 – June 26 – July 3
Session 6 – August 5 – 12

What’s Included?

The same as our all-inclusive camps, the only difference is that you’re housed with your friends and you get a killer discount.

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Lodging with your group
  • Lift Tickets
  • All meals
  • World class HCSC coaching. Not instructors, professional coaches.
  • The Demo Center: Full access to our huge fleet of 2017 gear
  • 2 private snowboard parks: high speed quad accessed Lap Park & Main Park with two rope tows
  • BagJump, Minipipe™, the Olympic 22 foot Superpipe™ and endless rails and jumps
  • Afternoon & evening activities (trampolines, ping pong, farts and crafts, foam pit, skateboarding
    and world famous TwoTier™ Dodgeball)
  • On-hill coaching clinics – focused coaching sessions to help you work on a specific feature or trick
    in our main park after lunch, coached by Signature Sessioners™ and High Cascade coaches)
  • Camp t-shirt and piles of giveaway product; the same as our all-inclusive camps, the only
    difference is that you’re housed with your friends and you get a killer discount

High Cascade is Known for World-Class Coaching.

Under the Direction of Head Coach, Nick “Pops” Poplawski, our world-class coaches of the likes of Seth Hill, Max Warbington, Colin Spencer, JD Dennis, and many others, focus on your specific needs to make you the best rider you can be. When you combine our world-class coaching with our pristine private parks in flawless summer weather, progression is inevitable at HCSC…. Come dial in your riding skills, and take home a bag of tricks large enough to make even the best of pros jealous.

Whether You are a Beginner, Intermediate, OR Advanced…

(or anything in between), we’ll have the right coach just for YOU! Campers are divided into coaching groups according to ability first, age second, and placed with the most suitable male or female coach. Our coaches are trained in freestyle snowboarding, and have the ability to coach at any ability level.

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Unlike instruction you may get at a resort, HCSC’s coaching program is designed to go hand-in-hand (or mitten-in-mitten) with our world-renowned snowboard parks (we’ve been building snowboard parks since the summer of 1990).  That means there is a specific progression for all our features and all of your riding; from the smallest Mini Features to the biggest Superpipe, our coaches will guide you through this terrain at your own pace to hot-step your progression and promote fun while doing so. We call the marriage of the people and our parks The Perfect Balance™ as it is designed specially to lead progression.

To really boil it down, in order to achieve The Perfect Balance™ High Cascade employs trained and Authorized Awesome™ coaches (people pt. 1) to help show our amazing campers (people pt. 2) how to use our Private Snowboard Parks (parks) how to advance their riding at a specific and comfortable pace (progression).

Mathematically speaking, it looks like this, for those “numbers” people.
High Cascade x (People + Parks + Progression) = The Perfect Balance™

Coaching Focus:

  • Technique
  • Balance
  • Body positioning
  • Approach and Landing
  • Edge Control
  • Speed Control
  • Air Awareness

How Long Are Your With Your Coach?

Campers are with their coach and group until 1:30*, and then finish the day by choosing any of the offered daily afternoon clinics… Everyday we offer optional freeride, Lap Park, jump, rail and halfpipe clinics for all abilities. Each session there will be optional Signature Clinics offered by Signature Session™ pros. How about a rail clinic with Jake Olsen-Elm, a one-foot clinic with Scott Stevens or a jump clinic with Hana Beaman?!

*Unless scheduled for a photo/video shoot.

New To Snowboarding?

YES! We love new snowboarders. Learn about our Soft Start™ program for first timers here. This program utilizes natural terrain to help making learning to snowboard easy and fun!

Private Coaching

Looking for one-on-one coaching for your entire stay at High Cascade Snowboard Camp? Getting undivided attention from a coach all session is a sure-fire way to improve your riding. This option has limited availability (meaning it sells out).


girl summer camp progression air bag hcsc

hcsc chairlift mt. hood timberline coach camper

Minimum # of campers: 6. Your group will be assigned to a chalet with a HCSC counselor(s) who will help you out with all of your needs at camp. Everyone is encouraged to participate in on-hill afternoon coaching clinics and off-hill activities.

With that being said, drinking age (21+) is strictly enforced and the use of tobacco products within camp boundaries is not allowed. Alcohol will not be allowed in the chalet unless the entire group is over 21 (for those old enough, there are a few bars in town that you are more than welcome to visit). Any disregard for the camp rules will result in the early termination of your camp session without refund.We take a 25% deposit to secure each spot, paid directly to HCSC, with the final payment due by May 15. Special payment arrangements for your group may be made if needed.

How Good do You Need to be to Come to Camp?

Every session we have campers who have never been snowboarding (although we highly recommend campers who have never been snowboarding to attend Soft Start™ Sessions 1-4). On the other end of the spectrum, there are always a few of our coaching groups with insanely talented riders that can give their coaches a run for their Cobra Dogs. Most campers fit somewhere ‘in the middle’.

About 80% Of Our Campers are in the Middle

The majority of our campers are low to intermediate level park riders who want to improve their overall jump, rail, and pipe riding. A lot of campers come to camp with little to no park experience, but want to learn to ride every feature in the park at their home resort. Many of our campers are working on straight airs, 50-50’s on jumps, and improving their overall parking riding skills. Some other campers are learning 360’s and board slides, and we even see some campers who are working on technical tricks; 540’s, 720’s, 900’s and some double corks (Sage Kotsenburg better watch out).

With approximately 30 different small coaching groups (8:1 Max Camper to Coach ratio), we aim to put campers in a group with other campers that are on the same level. Snowboarders of all abilitiy levels supporting each other, learning new stricks, and HAVING AN AWESOME TIME is what High Cascade Snowboard Camp is all about.

How Does it Work Having So Many Different Abilities?

Before you get to camp, you will fill out an ability form with questions regarding how long you’ve been riding, how frequently you ride, your background (if any) in the park, and which tricks (if any) you can land. We then look over everyone’s ability forms and place you into small coaching groups based on ability.

hcsc camper medium jump snowboardin

gabe ferguson hcsc team olympic halfpipe training



We Know It’s Snowboard Camp, But Half The Fun Is Off-Hill!

After 5 straight hours of mind-melting fun on the glacier, recharge your batteries before you get the party going again with a delicious hot dog from Cobra Dogs, or cool off with your favorite flavor of ice cream at Volcano Cones. After a few minutes of R&R, head back out for some awesome activities with your friends, Signature Session™ Pros, coaches and counselors.

Trampoline Land

Dial your tricks here before trying them on snow. Learn a new spin on our famous Fly Bed tramp, practice a new grab on one of our Tramp Decks or take Scott Stevens and Jesse Burtner on for a game of skate on one of our trampolines from Springfree. We love them and think that you probably will too.


We would be lying if we said this wasn’t our favorite activity. Join epic battles of human vs. human in the world’s only split level dodgeball arena. Imagine a white sand beach, 10 dodgeballs, 50 against 50, music, announcing, product tosses and spectators… Our dodgeball is legit.

Signature Session™ Activities

From on-hill Minipipe shredding with Bode Merrill, to off-hill games of skate with Chris Grenier, soccer scrimmages with Austin Smith, and scavenger hunts with Elena Hight… You can spend your session hanging with your favorite pros and friends while having the most fun you’ve had all year. Best part is, they always have tons of goodies to give away when you’re hanging with them.

The Staff Sale™

Once a session High Cascade’s staff and visiting pros sell their new and used gear at the legendary Staff Sale™. Like a snowboard flea market – deals of the century can be found on boards, boots, bindings, beanies, outerwear, and stickers. Get the new products before the rest of the world has even seen it!

The Big Giveaway™

Thanks to our Authorized Awesome™ sponsors, we’re able to giveaway tons of prizes throughout the entire session. No matter how hard we try, we’re always left with tons of great products on the last day. Solution: The Big Giveaway. Boards, boots, bindings, backpacks, goggles, clothing, shoes, stickers, and the list goes on and on. The raffle to end all raffles.

The Huckleberry Jam™

A long-standing High Cascade tradition, this fun-filled camper skateboard contest is one part contest and two parts comedy. Spend your afternoon showing off your moves, or sit back and take part in the greatest contest to hit Government Camp all session.

The Talent Show™

Every humanoid that comes to our camp is talented in one way or another. Whether you’re a guitar hero, the worlds best yo-yo’er, the next Justin Bieber or can make the loudest fart noises with your arm pits, this is your night to show the world your special skills. One night a session Government Camp turns into a circus and campers from all over the world showcase their famous feats and spectacular spectacles.

The Session Video Premier™

On the last night of your session, we all gather ’round the big screen and premier the edited action from the week gone by. It’s an emotionally charged evening of hooting AND hollering. Remember to pre-order a copy when you register and you’ll get  all the motion memories from the session on a DVD to take home with you.

So So So Much More!

If we could fit all of the activities on this web page, why would anyone come to camp? In the best 8-days of your life you will get to go, do, play, make, etc.:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Swim at Lake Trillium
  • Waterfall Hikes – ever seen a river drop of a huge cliff?
  • Ping Pong with Jesse Gouveia
  • Head-to-head in Foosball against Head Coach, Nick Poplawski
  • Billiards with pool guppies
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • M.U.F.F – it’s like H.O.R.S.E, but with a soccer ball (European H.O.R.S.E)
  • Shoe Golf
  • Yoga

Activity Day

Halfway through the session is a good time to spend the day off the mountain to recharge those little legs of yours. If you want a break from snowboarding for the day, here’s a chance to join the counselors in once in a lifetime activities and adventures. (It’s kind of like *field trips, but like fourteen times more fun).

***These ‘Field Trips’ ARE INCLUDED in your camp fees!***

Choose From These Activities:



Waterfall Hikes


Swim at Lake Trillium

Over 22,000 Square Feet of Skateboarding

Our Windells Academy Campus equals over 60,600 square feet of skateboarding good times.

Whether you’re learning to drop in on the Beginner Ramp Section or you are vying for a win at the Camp Huckleberry Jam™ Skate contest – we’ve got what you need: a giant bowl, mini bowl, beginner ramp, mini ramps, stair sets, jersey barriers, euro gaps, flat bars, ledges, banks and more…

Beginners Only:

Never skated before? Don’t own a skateboard, helmet or pads? Not sure which end to stand on or why you shouldn’t lick the grip tape? Don’t worry.  Beginner Skate is the answer for you.

Our beginner skate sessions give you the perfect, supportive atmosphere to learn form our coaches with other beginners and nobody else in sight!

Skate Tours:

If our private skateboard facility isn’t enough for you; take a skate tour of some of the North West’s world-famous skateparks.

This summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp you can demo over 500 brand new (futuristic!) 2018 setups. We work with the absolute best brands in snowboarding to ensure you have access to the best gear available. You get to try out gear that isn’t even in shops yet, FOR FREE! Save money by not flying with extra luggage while getting to try out a new set-up you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. You may keep the same set-up all session long, or switch out boots, boards and bindings as frequently as you’d like.

Not Sure What to Try?

Our demo staff is like a human snowboard-super-computer that will help you pick the perfect set up.

Boards From:

burton  dc  gnu  k2  lib  nitro  roxy  capita salomon signal

Boots From:

burton  dc  salomon  k2 32  nikeSB-200px  vans

Bindings From:

burton  salomon  k2  nitro

DYK: With airlines charging so much for baggage these days, traveling to camp without gear and using demo gear can be a good way to keep cash in your pocket.


Want to know what to expect?

8:00 Wake-Up

Your Counselor will wake you up. (Note: Day 1 you won’t even be able to sleep you’ll be so excited – by Day 6, your counselor will need a squirt gun to get you moving.)

8:15 Breakfast

Head over to the Cafe with your buddies and charge up for the day with all your breakfast favorites from bacon and eggs to cereals and fruit.

9:00 Group up with your Coach & Grab a Lift Ticket

Time to put on the sunscreen, stretch out, make sure your equipment is ready and plan out the day.

9:45 Hop on the Lifts

Commence Summer Snowboarding.

9:45 – 12:00 Shred

Ride our private Parks and Pipes with your coach or take laps on the lift with your group.

12:00 Break for Lunch

Post up and eat next to the Super Kicker for some lunchtime entertainment.

12:30 – 3:00 Shred

Join our Signature Session™ Pros for a clinic. Meet up with a different High Cascade coach for a clinic. Hike the Superpipe, hit some jumps, slide some rails… whatever you’re feeling.

1:30 – 3:30 Grab a High Cascade Shuttle

Getting tired is OK. Know your limits and head down with a High Cascade Staff member to the shuttle zone when your legs can’t take it. Shuttles leave every 20 minutes.

4:00 Meet up at the for Afternoon Activities

If you still have tons of energy, skate, play dodgeball, bounce on the tramps, etc. If you’re running low, head over to video analysis or arts and crafts.

5:30 – 7:00 Dinner

The K-Unit™ prepares a big home cooked meal every night to refuel those batteries.

7:00 Meet back up for Evening Activities

Play some soccer, take a Yoga Class, Skate the ramps, bounce on the trampolines, Mtn. Bike, etc. The options are almost endless…

9:30 Curfew Time

Nobody’s allowed out after dark. You have heard the legend of the Manimal. Haven’t you?

9:30 – 11:00 Kick it at home with your Counselors and Roommates

Hang out in your Cabin and watch snowboard movies with your crew.

11:00 Lights Out.

The fun starts again in 9 hours. Now rest up.


Three meals a day are included with any all-inclusive session. Each morning we serve up a hot breakfast buffet, with staples like eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage and veggie sausage.  There is also a full cereal bar, fruits, yogurt, bagels, breads and muffins.  Before or after breakfast you’ll pack your lunch to take with you snowboarding.  We don’t want to take up your precious on-snow time having to leave for lunch, so you’ll have a snow picnic with your coach and group.  Lunch offerings for your packing delight include peanut butter and jelly, a variety of lunch meats, cheeses, various sandwich toppings, chips, pretzels, fruits and granola bars. Between afternoon activities you will head to the K-Unit™ for a delicious dinner prepared by some of your favorite riders you saw up on-hill that morning. We like to think of dinner as a global culinary experience with Burrito Night, Thanksgiving Dinner, and many other flavors from your favorite cuisine. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options for every meal of the day. **Meals are not included in the ‘Coaching Only’ package, those participating in this package will need to pack a lunch.**

The K-Unit™ (aka – Kitchen Unit)

Our kitchen staff makes the Iron Chefs look like a high school home economics class. This tight knit group of skilled culinary artists will not only shred lettuce and cheese for taco night, but can be seen shredding their faces off in our parks. If you think their roast beef looks good at dinner you should see them serving it up off The Big Jump™. The K-Unit™ is very serious about what they serve up, on and off-hill.

Special Food Requests?

We understand that some people have mild to severe allergies to certain foods, and we don’t want that to keep you from being able to have The Best 8 Days of Your Life. If you have a specific food allergy, or special food need, let the office staff know upon signing up and we’ll make the right precautions to help to make your stay at High Cascade as safe as possible.

The Chalets™

Do the proper research, and you’ll find that The Chalet™ accommodations are some of the best snowboard camp lodging out there. Our deluxe mountain style vacation Chalets sleep approximately 10-16 campers, with approximately 2-8 campers per bedroom. The Chalets™ are set up like ‘home’ or vacation condos, with great interior decorations by camp sponsors, big screen TV’s, and plenty of couch space for all. There are several different Chalets around camp, and campers are grouped into Chalets based on age and gender (i.e. girls and boys do not share Chalets).

Location, location, location

Staying in The Chalets™ means you’ll be close to all things great at camp. Our camp boundaries are essentially a two-block radius, so you’ll never be far from anyone, or anything, at anytime. Check our interactive map to get a feel for the lay-of-the-land.

Live-in Counselors

Responsible adult counselors live in The Chalets™. Can’t remember when dinner is?  Don’t know what time dodgeball starts?  Your counselor is like your Mom/Dad/big brother/big sister/friend/mentor during your time at camp.  Hand picked, and screened from hundreds of applicants, our counseling staff is the best in the business. Certified in First Aid and CPR, criminal background checked and drug tested. The chosen few who become High Cascade Counselors are an impressive bunch and we choose them because we know you’ll find them to be pretty darn like-able and helpful as well.