R: Jay Hergert - P: Brandon Huttenlocher

Scholarships for 2015

Posted in: Announcements, Youth Camp Posted On: January 27, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

High Cascade is proud to be able to offer a Financial Need Scholarship program to assist a small selection of snowboard lovers with the opportunity of a life time. Writing your letter allows HCSC to get a greater understanding of WHO you are, and allows you to explain why you think you deserve a High Cascade scholarship. Remember…

Spencer Schubert FS TS the Loon Feature this past summer

High Cascade Winter Camp at Loon Mountain: Feb 7-9

Posted in: Coaching, Loon Mountain, Winter Camp Posted On: January 21, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

After 2 Bluebird Days, 41 Campers, and countless laps, High Cascade Winter Camp at Cannonsburg is a WRAP! Holy smokes what a good time! Campers learned new tricks, met some new friends, and had a New Hampshire we are coming for you!! HCSC is bringing the coaching, activities, and all of the fun of a…

Make Sure you tag @Highcascade and #HCSCToGo

#HCSCToGo Social Media Contest @Cannonsburg

Posted in: byProducts™, Cannonsburg, Coaching, Winter Camp Posted On: January 16, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Thank you so much for signing up for HCSC’s Winter Camp at Cannonsburg Ski Area. To thank our campers for signing up we are offering a Social Media Contest JUST for our Cannonsburg campers. – Here is the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW – WHO can win?: ONLY High Cascade Winter Campers attending Cannonsburg…

Surf Flat? Not on Mt. Hood

Surf Frozen Waves This Summer

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Session 3, Signature Session Pros™, Signature Sessioner News Posted On: January 16, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

What are you doing this summer? Restless? Frothin’ but the surf’s flat? Things not the same with your friends? Come surf the frozen waves up at Mt. Hood with our Signature Session™ pros Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, Tim Eddy, Leanne Pelosi, and Spencer O’Brien. Session Three is also host to The Rat Race presented…

Early Bird™ We Got You Covered

Early Bird™ Deadline – We Have You Covered

Posted in: Announcements, Camp Store™ Posted On: January 15, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Hey! We have both some good and bad news about Early Bird™. The bad news is that we’re our of The Worm™ this year, HOWEVER, the good news is that we’re not leaving you out in the cold. Register from now to midnight tonight (1/15/15) and you will receive a $150 Credit in the online…


Parent Testimonial Video

Posted in: Camp News, Groms, Videos Posted On: January 14, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

See testimonials from real parents of HCSC campers who believe that High Cascade not only teaches your camper about snowboarding and skateboarding, but encourages personal growth, interaction, and life skills in a safe, environment under SuperVision™ in beautiful Government Camp, Oregon.

R: Scott Blum P: Eddy Densow

Wanna Be An Early Bird™? Only Two More Days

Posted in: Announcements, byProducts™ Posted On: January 13, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Still looking to be an Early Bird™? Sign up for ANY Summer Session and this will not only guarantee you a spot for the session of your dreams, but you will also receive a collection of exclusive byProducts™ from our wonderful sponsors. They always say that the Early Bird™ gets The Worm™, and if you register before 1/15/15 you…


High Cascade Winter Camp at Cannonsburg: Jan 17th & 18th

Posted in: Camp News, Cannonsburg, Coaching, Winter Camp Posted On: January 8, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is hitting the road! We are happy to announce HCSC will be bringing their coaching, activities, and all of the fun of Summer Camp throughout the winter! We will be setting up shop at four different resorts throughout the country, we’re starting our Winter Camps for 2015 at Cannonsburg, Michigan on January…


What Are You Doing This Summer?

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, HCSC Girl, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: January 6, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

What are you doing this summer? Are you still fishing for a reason to come to Camp? Don’t get stuck hanging out in your Speedo in swim class like Blake Paul, or staring at a chalk board in class like Griffin Siebert! Come join Kelly Clark, Sage Kotsenburg, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, and Sam Taxwood for their Signature…

Noah Guarriello opted to skip the first rail and gap to Back Lip at WV Parks

Waterville Valley TransAm Recap

Posted in: Authorized Awesome Posted On: January 6, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

The first stop of the 2015 Transworld TransAm at Waterville Valley was a huge success, and Luke Mathison and crew showed us why the event always kicks off in the Granite State! The crew crafted a pristine set up and had all of the competitors heating it up, despite New England’s frosty weather. HCSC Campers Brendan Hart…


“Rendered Useless” and HCSC Family Video Recap

Posted in: Loon Mountain, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: January 5, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

HCSC family members and videographers Jon Stark, Matt Roberge, and (sick) Eli Olson released their early season teaser for their video “Rendered Useless” on the Snowboarder Magazine Website. We are beyond excited to be partners on the project alongside HCSC Staff members, Signature Session™ Pros, and friends alike. “Rendered Useless” features the snowboarding (and antics)…

Snap a photo with your Early Bird™ package and tag @highcascade #earlybird (or just let Ted Borland air over you like Spencer Shubert did)

The Early Bird™ Still gets The Worm™

Posted in: Announcements, Authorized Awesome, byProducts™, Camp News Posted On: January 2, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Sign-up for camp before January 15th and you’ll become a 2015 Early Bird™. This year we’re sending our Early Birds a prize pack full of radical goods from our sponsors that we are deaming, The Worm™. The Worm™ is a limited quantity prize pack stuffed with new and EXCLUSIVE HCSC byProducts™. It has been through rigorous…


HCSC Winter Camps: Our Park. Our Coaches. Your Mountain.

Posted in: Activities, Bear Mountain, Cannonsburg, Coaching, Loon Mountain, Mountain Creek, Winter Camp Posted On: December 30, 2014 By: Tom Johnson

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is hitting the road! We are happy to announce that HCSC will be packing all of the coaching, activities, and fun of our 8-day summer camp into a weekend at your resort this winter. We’re starting at Cannonsburg, Michigan, then heading East to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. After we’ve wrapped…


Why HCSC? Snowboarding, Hot Dogs and the People

Posted in: Dodgeball, Signature Session Pros™, Story Behind The Ad Posted On: December 23, 2014 By: Tom Johnson

Signature Session™ Pros aren’t just snowboarders that we invite to HCSC in an effort make our camp look good, they are members of our family and are as much a part of the High Cascade community as our campers and our staff. Some of these pros started as campers, some as staff members, and are all fixtures of HCSC and Govy throughout the…


More Than a Friend: Scott Stevens Ad in TWSnow

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Coaching, Session 6, Signature Session Pros™, Signature Sessioner News Posted On: December 16, 2014 By: carson

To simply describe Scott Stevens as a good snowboarder is selling him short. While his ability on the hill and board control are like no other, neither are his creativity, trick selection, and perception. As a long time High Cascade Staff member, Scott began as a trampoline assistant (and transformed into a tramp skating wizard), coached thousands of…

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.27.53 PM

This is High Cascade Mini Movie

Posted in: Videos Posted On: December 5, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

MOBILE DEVICES click here to watch video It’s pretty hard to wrap all the aspects of camp into one, giant moving picture burrito, but we’ve done it with the newest HCSC mini-movie This is High Cascade. HCSC has spent the past 25 years growing the sport of snowboarding, getting kids outside the house, socializing, pushing…

Early Bird™ gets The Worm™

3 Reasons to be an Early Bird™

Posted in: Announcements, Camp News Posted On: November 20, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

Sign-up for camp before January 15th and you’ll become one of 2015’s Early Birds. This year we’re sending our Early Birds an insane prize pack, The Worm™, to get you through winter and ready for another summer on Mt. Hood. The Worm™ is a limited quantity prize pack stuffed with new and EXCLUSIVE HCSC byProducts™….

p. Garrett Lang

The Night Shoot: HCSC Photo Workshop’s Grand Finale

Posted in: Photo Workshop, Session 5 Posted On: August 6, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

Session five is home to the Photo Workshop, a unique opportunity for campers to learn from the best snowboard photographers in the business. Evenings are filled with seminars, lectures and Q and A sessions full of the greatest tips and secrets from Tim Zimmerman, Chris Wellhausen, Andy Wright, and Aaron Blatt.  Days are spent on-hill…


Letters from Camp: Session 5

Posted in: Featured Camper, Session 5, Youth Camp Posted On: July 29, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

Camper Benny was concerned that after being away from home for three days, his parents and Edward the cat may have already forgotten about him. He put his fears to rest by sending a postcard home letting them know he is indeed alive and well and just how much fun he’s having at snowboard camp….

Airblaster specially made their air pill logo into the perfect addition for a snow globe!

After Boardin’ Activities: Airblaster Farts and Crafts

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, HCSC Girl, Session 4, Youth Camp Posted On: July 26, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

Are there really people farting during the Airblaster activity?  Probably. But that’s not why it’s called farts and crafts. Why is it called farts and crafts?  I don’t know, but take a gander at what the girls of High Cascade get into after snowboarding all day: Every session, Airblaster hosts a snow globe making art…


High Cascade’s Ultimate Camper Packing List

Posted in: Activities, Adult Camp, Arrival Day, FAQ, Groms, HCSC Girl, Youth Camp Posted On: July 22, 2014 By: Kevin English

The time has finally come! Your Session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp is here! Let me guess, you’ve been so busy daydreaming about snow that you haven’t even thought about packing yet. Well have no fear, follow this guide and you’ll be set to go in no time! The Essentials Sleeping Gear: Your counselors here…


Third Annual MMPI: Do What You Want

Posted in: Activities, events, Session 4, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 20, 2014 By: Kevin English

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting the Merrill Minipipe Invitational (MMPI)  for the past two summers and are now entering the third year of minipipe madness. The past summers have seen more action in this short-walled fun tube than a digger could shake their rake at. Bode took some time between laps to talk about why…


Session 4 Signature Session Pros™

Posted in: Camp News, Session 4, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 19, 2014 By: Kevin English

Session 4 promises a heavy-hitting crew of Signature Session Pros™ once again. These guys know the secrets to having a blast at HCSC and are ready to show the campers how to maximize their awesome at camp. Here they all came together and answered a few questions so you can get to know them a…

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 1.05.24 AM

Session 3 Video Recap

Posted in: Activities, Session 3, Session Recap, Signature Session Pros™, Summer Memories, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: July 17, 2014 By: Kevin English

HCSC 2014: Session 3 Recap from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo. Get wilder, get better: Mt. Hood really heated up when Session 3 came around in the parks of High Cascade. Watch the recap now and stay amazed. Featuring: Parker Duke, Desiree Melancon, Mike Rav, Nick Douchette, Gray Thompson, Spencer Schubert, Ted Borland, Sammy…


Activity Day: Rafting the Deschutes River

Posted in: Activities, Session 3, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 12, 2014 By: Kevin English

One of the most popular Activity Day choices is rafting the Deschutes River- a wild whitewater ride through the desert of Oregon, just northeast of Government Camp. Counselor Kevin Holmes accompanied campers and Signature Session Pros™ alike on our latest trip down the Deschutes and made it back to give us a recount of the…


Koa Kam: A GoPro Adventure Through Camp

Posted in: Activities, featured, Session 3, Summer Facilities, Youth Camp Posted On: July 11, 2014 By: Kevin English

  Ever wonder what High Cascade looks like with four legs and seven inches off the ground? If you have- (or if you haven’t) you won’t have to wonder about it any more. We recently strapped Koa Lopour up with his very own GoPro for a day and let him loose on camp. Take a…


Jumping into: A Foam Pit Session with HCSCGirl

Posted in: Activities, Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Coaching, HCSC Girl, Session 3, Summer Memories, Uncategorized, Youth Camp Posted On: July 11, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

  Ever wonder what goes on behind the lodge, when the girls take over the foam pit?  Well, let me tell you- when all the girls get together, it becomes a fun and progressive environment.  In fact, just the other day, Christy and Megan left the pit with smiles on their faces and a new…


HCSC Demo Center™: Getting to Know the Gear

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Demo, Session 3 Posted On: July 9, 2014 By: Myles Soderstrom

Words: Demo Center™ Manager, aka: Demo Dad- Myles Soderstrom Session Three is in full swing and gear is flying off the shelves of the High Cascade Demo Center™. The High Cascade Demo Center™ is sort of like a time machine, it allows campers to test gear from the future (coming season) before it’s even in…

HCSC_2014_S2_RECAP_thumb side clip

Session 2 Recap: Snowboarding #Sports

Posted in: Activities, Re Caps, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: July 9, 2014 By: Kevin English

HCSC Recap, Session 2 2014. Featuring: Cole Navin, JD Dennis, Cody Beiersdorf, Red Gerard, Alex Lopez, Brandon Sakiewicz, Ben Ferguson, Kevin Maples, Johnny Brady, Shane Flood, Grace Mayernik, Jesse Gouveia, Nick Dirks, Max Warbington, Al Grogan, Jake Kuzyk, Christian Hobush, Oliver Dixon, Alex Cato, Tommy Gesme, Craig Cameron, Christian Sparks, Joe Sexton, Jed Anderson, Matty…