More Than a Friend: Scott Stevens Ad in TWSnow

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Coaching, Session 6, Signature Session Pros™, Signature Sessioner News Posted On: December 16, 2014 By: carson

To simply describe Scott Stevens as a good snowboarder is selling him short. While his ability on the hill and board control are like no other, neither are his creativity, trick selection, and perception. As a long time High Cascade Staff member, Scott began as a trampoline assistant (and transformed into a tramp skating wizard), coached thousands of…

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This is High Cascade Mini Movie

Posted in: Videos Posted On: December 5, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

MOBILE DEVICES click here to watch video It’s pretty hard to wrap all the aspects of camp into one, giant moving picture burrito, but we’ve done it with the newest HCSC mini-movie This is High Cascade. HCSC has spent the past 25 years growing the sport of snowboarding, getting kids outside the house, socializing, pushing…


3 Reasons to be an Early Bird™

Posted in: Announcements, Camp News Posted On: November 20, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

Sign-up for camp before January 15th and you’ll become one of 2015’s Early Birds. This year we’re sending our Early Birds an insane prize pack, The Worm™, to get you through winter and ready for another summer on Mt. Hood. The Worm™ is a limited quantity prize pack stuffed with new and EXCLUSIVE HCSC byProducts™….


Head to Hood Winter Program

Posted in: Announcements, Camp News Posted On: October 6, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

Come ride and have fun this winter at Mt. Hood with High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells! Head to Hood™ is an exciting and innovative freestyle ski and snowboard coaching and riding program backed by Windells’ and HCSC’s twenty-five plus years of expertise and experience. The essence of the program is to have fun in…

p. Garrett Lang

The Night Shoot: HCSC Photo Workshop’s Grand Finale

Posted in: Photo Workshop, Session 5 Posted On: August 6, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

Session five is home to the Photo Workshop, a unique opportunity for campers to learn from the best snowboard photographers in the business. Evenings are filled with seminars, lectures and Q and A sessions full of the greatest tips and secrets from Tim Zimmerman, Chris Wellhausen, Andy Wright, and Aaron Blatt.  Days are spent on-hill…


Letters from Camp: Session 5

Posted in: Featured Camper, Session 5, Youth Camp Posted On: July 29, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

Camper Benny was concerned that after being away from home for three days, his parents and Edward the cat may have already forgotten about him. He put his fears to rest by sending a postcard home letting them know he is indeed alive and well and just how much fun he’s having at snowboard camp….

Airblaster specially made their air pill logo into the perfect addition for a snow globe!

After Boardin’ Activities: Airblaster Farts and Crafts

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, HCSC Girl, Session 4, Youth Camp Posted On: July 26, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

Are there really people farting during the Airblaster activity?  Probably. But that’s not why it’s called farts and crafts. Why is it called farts and crafts?  I don’t know, but take a gander at what the girls of High Cascade get into after snowboarding all day: Every session, Airblaster hosts a snow globe making art…


High Cascade’s Ultimate Camper Packing List

Posted in: Activities, Adult Camp, Arrival Day, FAQ, Groms, HCSC Girl, Youth Camp Posted On: July 22, 2014 By: Kevin English

The time has finally come! Your Session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp is here! Let me guess, you’ve been so busy daydreaming about snow that you haven’t even thought about packing yet. Well have no fear, follow this guide and you’ll be set to go in no time! The Essentials Sleeping Gear: Your counselors here…


Third Annual MMPI: Do What You Want

Posted in: Activities, events, Session 4, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 20, 2014 By: Kevin English

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting the Merrill Minipipe Invitational (MMPI)  for the past two summers and are now entering the third year of minipipe madness. The past summers have seen more action in this short-walled fun tube than a digger could shake their rake at. Bode took some time between laps to talk about why…


Session 4 Signature Session Pros™

Posted in: Camp News, Session 4, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 19, 2014 By: Kevin English

Session 4 promises a heavy-hitting crew of Signature Session Pros™ once again. These guys know the secrets to having a blast at HCSC and are ready to show the campers how to maximize their awesome at camp. Here they all came together and answered a few questions so you can get to know them a…

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Session 3 Video Recap

Posted in: Activities, Session 3, Session Recap, Signature Session Pros™, Summer Memories, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: July 17, 2014 By: Kevin English

HCSC 2014: Session 3 Recap from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo. Get wilder, get better: Mt. Hood really heated up when Session 3 came around in the parks of High Cascade. Watch the recap now and stay amazed. Featuring: Parker Duke, Desiree Melancon, Mike Rav, Nick Douchette, Gray Thompson, Spencer Schubert, Ted Borland, Sammy…


Activity Day: Rafting the Deschutes River

Posted in: Activities, Session 3, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 12, 2014 By: Kevin English

One of the most popular Activity Day choices is rafting the Deschutes River- a wild whitewater ride through the desert of Oregon, just northeast of Government Camp. Counselor Kevin Holmes accompanied campers and Signature Session Pros™ alike on our latest trip down the Deschutes and made it back to give us a recount of the…


Koa Kam: A GoPro Adventure Through Camp

Posted in: Activities, featured, Session 3, Summer Facilities, Youth Camp Posted On: July 11, 2014 By: Kevin English

  Ever wonder what High Cascade looks like with four legs and seven inches off the ground? If you have- (or if you haven’t) you won’t have to wonder about it any more. We recently strapped Koa Lopour up with his very own GoPro for a day and let him loose on camp. Take a…


Jumping into: A Foam Pit Session with HCSCGirl

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  Ever wonder what goes on behind the lodge, when the girls take over the foam pit?  Well, let me tell you- when all the girls get together, it becomes a fun and progressive environment.  In fact, just the other day, Christy and Megan left the pit with smiles on their faces and a new…


HCSC Demo Center™: Getting to Know the Gear

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Demo, Session 3 Posted On: July 9, 2014 By: Myles Soderstrom

Words: Demo Center™ Manager, aka: Demo Dad- Myles Soderstrom Session Three is in full swing and gear is flying off the shelves of the High Cascade Demo Center™. The High Cascade Demo Center™ is sort of like a time machine, it allows campers to test gear from the future (coming season) before it’s even in…

HCSC_2014_S2_RECAP_thumb side clip

Session 2 Recap: Snowboarding #Sports

Posted in: Activities, Re Caps, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: July 9, 2014 By: Kevin English

HCSC Recap, Session 2 2014. Featuring: Cole Navin, JD Dennis, Cody Beiersdorf, Red Gerard, Alex Lopez, Brandon Sakiewicz, Ben Ferguson, Kevin Maples, Johnny Brady, Shane Flood, Grace Mayernik, Jesse Gouveia, Nick Dirks, Max Warbington, Al Grogan, Jake Kuzyk, Christian Hobush, Oliver Dixon, Alex Cato, Tommy Gesme, Craig Cameron, Christian Sparks, Joe Sexton, Jed Anderson, Matty…


Meet the Crew: Session 3’s Signature Session Pros™

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Interviews, Session 3, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 8, 2014 By: Kevin English

Every session we have a group of visiting professional snowboarders- our Signature Session Pros™. A lot of times we hear campers say they plan their summer session specifically around which Signature Session Pro™ will be at camp- this time around we have an amazing group of riders who will encourage campers to have fun, stay…

S3_arrival day_bowls_meeting coaches-0797

Arrival Day: Session 3

Posted in: Arrival Day, Groms, HCSC Girl, Session 3, Youth Camp Posted On: July 7, 2014 By: Kevin English

What’s that? It’s Session 3 already? Really?! Arrival Day Session 3 saw High Cascade greeting campers with endless amounts of sunshine and promises of summer snowboarding fun. Campers arrived by van, by plane and by car throughout the day and slowly settled in to their new home for the next 8 days. Once campers checked…


K2, Ride and VG Facilitate TEAM SPORTS

Posted in: Activities, contests, featured, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 6, 2014 By: Kevin English

Words: Ride Marketing Manager Tanner McCarty This year, RIDE Snowboards and K2 Snowboarding TEAMED up for an event that was designed to break the boundaries of the typical, “snowboard contest”. TEAM SPORTS was the name and pure fun was the game. Campers were divided into 6 teams led by various RIDE and K2 pros where they…


MAYDAY: An Interview with VG’s Justin Meyer

Posted in: featured, Interviews, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™, Videos Posted On: July 2, 2014 By: Kevin English

This past winter has seen a lot of speculation on the snowboard industry and it’s supposed ability to ‘survive’ as an industry. Everyone from major outdoor sports magazines to casual ski-bloggers seemed like they had an opinion to offer about snowboarding’s future. Justin Meyer from VideoGrass is a person who should have more outlets to…


Anon X High Cascade Collab

Posted in: Adult Camp, byProducts™, Camp Store™, Youth Camp Posted On: July 1, 2014 By: Kevin English

If you didn’t know yet, here’s some big news from camp: High Cascade and Anon have partnered up to create custom-designed HCSC apparel that is now featured in The Camp Store™. Carson Schubert, our Brand Manager, sat down to tell us some more about the new goods and how it all came to be. What started…

Head Digger CMac knows his park specifications and makes sure to test out the features himself to ensure the utmost quality of our park. p. G. Furey

On-Hill Session 2: The Run Down

Posted in: Activities, Adult Camp, Coaching, FDOH, Session 2, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: June 30, 2014 By: Kevin English

Sunny skies and a freshly groomed park greeted the new crop of campers on-hill for Session 2 this week. And what is happening up there? Glad you asked. This Session we’ve got Soft Start™, Adult Camp™, BKPRO and Youth Campers all up on Mt. Hood and in Govy together! Everyone’s been getting hyped on the…


HCSC Camp Store™: The Place to Get Your Stuff

Posted in: Adult Camp, byProducts™, Camp Store™, featured, Youth Camp Posted On: June 29, 2014 By: Kevin English

Words: Eli Hays, of the Camp Store™ Between High Cascade’s amazingly fun trampoline zone and the smooth, fast, street skate park is nestled The Camp Store™- a one-stop shop for all your High Cascade gear needs. Water bottles? Check! Goggles? Check! Sunscreen? You know it! There are even wearable sleeping bags made by Poler Camping…

The wolf pack getting ready to attack some carved turns

HCSCGirl: A Session Full of Progression

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Coaching, FDOH, HCSC Girl, Session 1, Youth Camp Posted On: June 28, 2014 By: Coach pTerri

Session 2 is in full swing already, but let me tell ya about Session 1!  All of the HCSCGirl campers had such a blast learning new tricks in a safe and progressive environment.  Within an eight day session, there are so many opportunities to take snowboarding to the next level! The First Day On Hill…


What Would Groms Do?: A Game of Would You Rather

Posted in: Activities, Authorized Awesome, featured, Groms, Miscellaneous, Youth Camp Posted On: June 27, 2014 By: Kevin English

  We love our group of Groms that come to High Cascade every session. They may be the smallest ones at camp, but no one can deny that they always seem to be having the most fun (which in turn makes everyone around them have more fun too). We got to catch them on a rare…

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Session 1 Recap: LTC Pounces on High Cascade

Posted in: Activities, Authorized Awesome, Camp News, featured, Re Caps, Session 1, Signature Session Pros™, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: June 27, 2014 By: Kevin English

HCSC 2014: Session One Recap from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo. Session 1 has wrapped and now we get to watch it all over again with the release of our Session 1 Recap. The Lick The Cat crew rode our park all session long, hopping all nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree rail to rail. We…

Kelly Clark hanging out with the lady campers during All-Girls Skate p. Brandon Huttenlocher

Kelly Clark: An Interview With Snowboarding’s Winningest Rider

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, featured, HCSC Girl, Interviews, Session 1, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: June 23, 2014 By: Kevin English

This summer we were lucky enough to start Session 1 off by welcoming Kelly Clark as one of our Signature Session Pros™ for the first time. Kelly is the winningest rider in all of snowboarding history- male or female. Her career has lasted longer than some up-and-coming snowboarders have been alive and she doesn’t show…

Make sure next year's gear is Authorized Awesome™! Add your vote through the Demo Center to help choose which gear of 2015 gets the Camper's Choice seal of approval.

Camper’s Choice Boards in Demo Center

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Camper's Choice, Demo Posted On: June 22, 2014 By: Myles Soderstrom

Words: Myles Soderstrom, Demo Manager; aka: Head of the Screw Crew; aka: Demo Dad New for 2014 at High Cascade is the Camper’s Choice demo program! Never before have campers had a voice in choosing which boards, boots, and bindings are the best of the best. Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past….

The little campers are the ones who always make it to the end of the dodgeball round. p. Cole Martin

Dodgeball Season Opener at High Cascade

Posted in: Activities, Dodgeball, Session 1, Youth Camp Posted On: June 21, 2014 By: Kevin English

Dodgeball is an age-old tradition here at High Cascade. Campers and staff alike look forward to this bi-sessionly event. Justin Keskin, one of our Authorized Awesome™ counselors, can be found at almost every match dodging with the best of them. Here is his overview (and personal account) of the kickoff to our season: Words: Justin…