Camper Ashley shows off her best surf style

HCSC Girl: Gnu Girls Longboard Limbo

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Mahalo you surfers!  It’s session two and the girls of High Cascade are getting pitted! After an another awesome day shredding Mt. Weird, the girls came back down to camp and got ready to paddle out to line up!  Much like a day in the ocean with friends, the Gnu Girls Longboard Limbo consists of…


Go Skateboarding Day 2015

Posted in: Activities, Authorized Awesome, Session 1 Posted On: June 29, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

June 21 was a special day to many different people. For some it marked the first day of summer, and for others it was a day to spend with a rad dad, but for the campers here at High Cascade and skateboarders and snowboarders around the world it was Go Skateboarding Day! Campers piled into…


2015 Session 1 Recap

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Session 1 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp is a wrap! Mother Nature provided a dream-like scenario on-hill; warm, sunny, slushy, and full of good times! With Go Skateboarding Day occurring during Session 1 and Signature Session™ Pros Pat Moore, Mike Ravelson, Johnny O’Connor, Mary Rand, and Christy Prior in town, it was definitely a Session…

Signature Session Pro Mary Rand teaches Camper Jersey how to push

HCSC Girl Go Skateboarding Day

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Today marked the first day of summer and another very important day in the world of High Cascade. Today was go skateboarding day!  What do all the girl campers do on go skateboarding day?  They go skate, of course!  Well, they skate everyday, but today we held all girls’ skate. All girls’ skate is one…


2015 HCSC Demo Center

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Demo Posted On: June 18, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Words: Marc O’Malley Photos: Danny Kern The Screw Crew™ is back in The Demo Center™ and both are looking looking better than ever for the summer! If your board is riding like its past its prime or if your boots are feeling like an old pair of skate shoes, stop in The Demo Center™ to…

Campers Came From Far and Wide to Skate and Ride! - Photo: Danny Kern

…and we’re off!

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The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The first day on hill of ALL Summer was yesterday at High Cascade Snowboard Camp! Camp has officially started! We have A TON of Authorized Awesome™ events planned for the week as well as a killer line up of Signature Session™ Pros and we CAN’T WAIT…

15_HCSC_landscape_dk_print_4 copy

Come Ride With Us All Summer Long!

Posted in: Announcements, Authorized Awesome Posted On: June 15, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

While there’s no hiding that this was a below average snow year on the West Coast, summer snowboarding will be in full effect here on Mount Hood, all summer long. High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Private Parks sit atop the Palmer Snowfield, which is often referred to as the most energetic summer snowboard scene on the planet (and…


The Final Countdown: Ride Snowboards

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Demo, The Final Countdown Posted On: June 9, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

For the last week of The Final Countdown, we have teamed up with Ride Snowboards to raffle off two brand-new, not-yet-available, 2016 snowboards! Both boards from Ride, the Kink and the Crook, are built to slay rails, jumps, and everything in-between! The Kink is a full time rail destroyer and fun time jib stick is as…


Highlighter: Terence Stilin-Rooney

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, The Highlighter™ Posted On: June 4, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

We sat down with Camp Director Terence Stilin-Rooney and talked about his life-changing experience as a camper, his beginnings as a High Cascade Maintenance Intern, his transition into Camp Director and the experience that he strives to give campers on a daily basis. Terence is also the Master of Ceremonies and a serious force to be…


The Final Countdown: Lib-Technologies

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Signature Session Pros™, The Final Countdown Posted On: June 1, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Last week camper Max G. was selected from our random raffle to take home a 2016 Parkitech snowboard and Nightcap tent from Burton Snowboards! See you this summer on your brand new board Max! Let’s rip! For week 5 of The Final Countdown, we have teamed up with Lib-Technologies to raffle away a 2016 Box…


Settled into Government Camp…

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Session 1, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: May 31, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

May in Government Camp…The sun is out all day, and we had to put some sunscreen on the Marshmallow, because the sun has got some serious color in his cheeks (almost too much- don’t forget to pack that sunscreen!), the weather has been incredible, and the views of Mount Hood are breathtaking as always. Thanks to Joel Palmer and mother nature, we…


The Final Countdown: Burton Snowboards

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, The Final Countdown Posted On: May 26, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

During week two of The Final Countdown, camper Justin S was lucky enough to be chosen in the raffle, and will be sliding sideways into summer in some 2016 outerwear from Volcom Snowboarding. As we slash our way into the fourth week of The Final Countdown to Summer Camp, we have partnered up with Burton…


What To Expect When You Travel To Camp

Posted in: Arrival Day, Authorized Awesome Posted On: May 20, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

This is the Airport section from the 2014 full length video, “This is High Cascade”. In an effort to give you some insight into what to expect when you travel to Camp, we created a short two-minute video that gives you the lowdown from start to finish. High Cascade provides an all-inclusive snowboard camp experience for…

Sometimes, you just need to relax.

Part 6: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Signature Session Pros™, Youth Camp Posted On: May 19, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

In the summer of 2014 our Campers, Signature Session™ Pros, and Staff members not only provided some next-level snowboarding and skateboarding, but also some insanely good times! In fact, Part 6 of “The Summer Snowboard Movie” is so sweet, it makes HCSC look like an all you can eat dessert buffet, but there’s even more…

ALO_@ColeTaco copy

The Final Countdown: Volcom

Posted in: Adult Camp, Authorized Awesome, The Final Countdown, Workshops Posted On: May 18, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

During week two of The Final Countdown, we chose registered Adult Camper Austin Arthofer as the winner of a not-yet-released 2016 Space Case from Gnu Snowboards! We have officially entered the third week of The Final Countdown to Summer Camp and we are raffling away a 2016 outerwear kit thanks to Volcom! It’s pretty easy to be entered into the raffle, all you…

pat-moore-highlighter-thumbnail copy

Highlighter: Pat Moore

Posted in: Signature Session Pros™, The Highlighter™ Posted On: May 14, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

High Cascade had a chance to have an intimate talk with Pat Moore after the Third Annual Rat Race with Drink Water for his Highlighter. Pat gave some insight on why he first came to camp, the greatness that he sees in the HCSC Staff, and describes how he wants to provide an amazing experience for campers…


New for Summer 2015: Super Tramp and BagJump™ with Skatelite™ Drop-In

Posted in: Activities, Camp News, Summer Facilities, Youth Camp Posted On: May 12, 2015 By: Mimi Lopour

High Cascade has some exciting news to announce, that is going to make the Best 8 Days of Your Life even better here at HCSC! Beginning this summer, we will be offering daily scheduled skate trips to the Windells Campus (weather permitting), granting High Cascade campers access to over 100,000 square feet of skateable terrain. Plus, we’ve added…


The Final Countdown: Gnu Snowboards

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, The Final Countdown Posted On: May 12, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

During week one of The Final Countdown, we chose two registered campers to take home NEW 2016 snowboards. Register now for your chance to join winners Jack Powell and Oliver McMillen on Mount Hood this summer. It is officially the second week of The Final Countdown to Summer Camp and thanks to the snowboarders with jobs at GNU, we…


Part 5: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: May 12, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

The music is about the only mellow thing in Part 5 of “The Summer Snowboard Movie,” because holy cow this one is a heater! The tricks, the slams, and the destruction of a Sony Playstation (RIP) in the High Cascade parks last summer was anything but mellow! Watch as the HCSC staff, campers, and Signature…


The Final Countdown: K2 Snowboarding

Posted in: Signature Session Pros™, The Final Countdown Posted On: May 5, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

You could win a 2016 Happy Hour or World Wide Weapon from K2 Snowboarding! The Final Countdown to Summer Camp has officially begun and thanks to K2 Snowboarding, we are kicking it off with a bang! Once you are registered for any Summer 2015 Session, you are automatically entered to win one of two 2016 snowboards from K2,…


Part 4: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Posted in: Private Parks, Signature Session Pros™ Posted On: May 4, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

  While Mount Hood may never have been referred to as Peak 15 and is not the highest peak in the world, our surveyors found that the HCSC’s Private Parks actually do contain the highest amounts of summer fun in all the land. It is often said that the snowboarder rides with his guts, his…


The Final Countdown: 2015

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News Posted On: May 2, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Do YOU want to own 2016 snowboard gear before anyone else? The Final Countdown to Summer Camp has officially begun! It’s the moment you have all been waiting for! We teamed up with some of our amazing partners to hook up our summer campers with incredible prizes. Over the next six weeks, we will raffle off six prize packages from…


A Visual Guide of our Main Park™ and Superpipe

Posted in: Lap Park™, Private Parks, The Superpipe Posted On: April 30, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

This is the Main Park & Half Pipes section of the full length, “This is High Cascade.” We are snowboarders here at HCSC and our two private parks reflect that in their design. Join Signature Session™ Pro Mike Ravelson and half pipe killer (and Oregon native) Ben Ferguson as they give you a guided tour of…


What a Girl Wants: HCSC Girl™

Posted in: HCSC Girl Posted On: April 29, 2015 By: Mimi Lopour

Cue Beyonce’s GIRLS…we run the world. High Cascade may be a co-ed camp, but sometimes it’s nice for girls to be able to do their own thing in a supportive all-girls environment. HCSC Girl™ is our way to warmly welcome and encourage girls in a mini-all-girl-snowboard-world within the friendly confines of a co-ed camp.

Tommy Gesme Presses El Toro - Ph: Cole Martin

Part 3: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Videos, Youth Camp Posted On: April 28, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

When we’re talking about El Toro, you know that we mean business! It’s spicy, but we’re not talking about the hot sauce that tops off the delicious burrito that is High Cascade, we’re talking about our 30 foot down bar in the Main Park™.


Lodging at Camp

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, Summer Facilities Posted On: April 24, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

You’ve decided on coming to camp! (YAY! That rules!) Have you chosen which session(s) you are going to register for? Have you thought about where you’d like to lay your head for the best eight days of your summer? We often get asked, “do I want to stay in The Lodge™ or The Chalets™?” and…

P: Brandon Huttenlocher

What Did You Learn at Camp?

Posted in: Coaching Posted On: April 23, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Seeing is believing! Don’t let us just tell you what campers of all-ages and abilities are learning with their coaches at High Cascade, see for yourself! High Cascade’s trained coaches split campers up into small groups based on age and ability levels to ensure comfort, one-on-one attention, and safe individual progression for each and every…

Spencer Schubert FS Nubslides the Loon Creeper this past Summer

Part 2: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Signature Session Pros™, Summer Memories Posted On: April 21, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

Watching all of the slashing, air-catching, and style-oozing snowboarding in this section has been known to increase your appetite, and we know just the reason why. When you take the HCSC Staff, our amazing campers, some Signature Session™ Pros and put ‘em all together in the HCSC pot, you’re eating good.


This is High Cascade: Photo Workshop

Posted in: Photo Workshop, Session 5, Workshops Posted On: April 17, 2015 By: Tom Johnson

(This is the Photo Workshop section of the 2014 full length video “This is High Cascade.”) Once a summer High Cascade offers a Photo Workshop, a unique opportunity for campers to learn from the best snowboard photographers in the business. Evenings are filled with seminars, lectures, and Q&A sessions full of the greatest tips, secrets,…