Togs, Kai and Sweet As Tweeks

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Hi to all our HCSC Friends, High Cascade New Zealand is back this 2014 winter season, with the same fantastic camp antics at the Spring Session and some new camp options on the menu. We took a break after Snowpark closed, but we are now operating High Cascade at Cardrona Alpine Resort… so we moved across the road… and have a newly renovated 9 bedroom HCSC…


The Final Countdown

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  The Final Countdown to Camp has officially started! It’s the moment you all have been waiting to register for (even if you already registered you are still entered into the random drawing)! We teamed up with some of our amazing partners to hook up our 2014 campers with The Final Countdown giveaway! As soon…


What is a Signature Session™?

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  High Cascade’s Signature Sessions™ give some of our favorite riders the chance to “take-over” a session of camp and put their personal spin on High Cascade. These boarders become the host and hostess of the session. Campers will get the opportunity to meet, snowboard and hang out with the pros during the session. Signature Sessions™…


The Camp Store Spring Sale

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Before you make your annual summer migration to Mt. Hood, make sure you have the right gear to make it the best summer yet. EVERYTHING in The Camp Store is on Sale. That’s right EVERYTHING. Plus all of these products are designed specifically for summer boardin’ at Hood. Want to get your hands on a…


We Are Camp!

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High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Windells Camp, and Windells Academy, are forming a partnership to deliver premiere year-round Snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard, BMX camps and educational programs.  The strategic partnership utilizes each brand’s strengths, giving campers at Windells and HCSC an unbeatable customer experience and access to world-class facilities both on-hill and off. Combined, the camps will…

the thing poster

The Thing @ Keystone Resort

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Come join High Cascade Snowboard Camp to see what lurks in the night at Keystone Resort, this Monday, March 31st. It’s not a rail jam, it’s not a slopestyle contest, it’s not a banked slalom; it’s THE THING. In this fun for all snowboard event, you get to spend and hour and half snowboarding next…

Christian Sparks High ollie

Featured Camper: Christian Sparks

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Meet Christian; he comes to us each summer from Lee Canyon in Las Vegas and has not only impressed everyone with how thoroughly he tears up our private park on-hill, but has blown us away with his skating off-hill in our fully stacked skateparks. We wanted to know more about what motivates this guy and…


Featured Camper: Chili Graves

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For those of you who haven’t met Chili yet, you should try to run into him this summer at camp. Although he’s a humble guy, we all know how much of a true boss he is and we’re so stoked to keep seeing him summer after summer at High Cascade. Here’s to lucky Summer Number…


The Lodge™ vs. The Chalets™

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One of the most common questions from first time campers and parents is, “What’s the difference between The Lodge™ and The Chalets™?”  Before we go into the differences, here is what they have in common. Both are places where campers are going to make best friends. Cheesy, we know. But hey, it’s true. Take a…

high cascade main park camper

High Cascade’s Main Park

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We are snowboarders, so every single aspect of our 2 private parks is built entirely for snowboarders: from the shapes of our jumps, to the way we set our rails, HCSC is built for YOU.  Constructed by Pat Malendoski, builder of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Half Pipe, and maintained by our crew of…


High Cascade’s Superpipe

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The Superpipe at High Cascade Snowboard Camp has a well deserved reputation. First off, the HCSC Superpipe is the only Olympic 22 ft. pipe ANYWHERE in the Northern Hemisphere during June, July and August. Not to mention, it is built and maintained by Pat Malendoski, a park building legend. Pat Malendoski is as good as…

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Signature Session™ Olympians

Olympians at High Cascade Snowboard Camp

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With the recent announcement of the US and Canadian Olympic Snowboard Teams, we are proud to congratulate HCSC Signature Session™ Pros Kelly Clark, Danny Davis, Sage Kotsenburg, Jamie Anderson and Spencer O’Brien for qualifying for their country’s Olympic Snowboard Teams.  We would also like to congratulate the rest of the amazing snowboarders who qualified to…


MLK Holiday Camp at Mountain Creek

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Come ride with us this weekend at Mountain Creek for our 3-day MLK holiday snowboard camp. Improve your park riding skills while having a blast with one of HCSC’s world-class coaches in perfect winter conditions. A dream come true for just $100 a day. Sign up here or call 973.827.2000 Just $100 a day gets you…

Scott Stevens is my inspiration on this one. Shout out to the HCSC photographers, and videographers! love High Cascade's park!

Featured Camper: Marissa Hushaw

Posted in: Featured Camper Posted On: January 13, 2014 By: Mimi Lopour

My first year working at High Cascade Snowboard Camp I had Marissa as a camper for two whole sessions. I could tell just from hanging out with her during that time she was a super friendly, motivated and energetic person. What I’ve now learned is that not only does this lady love snowboarding itself, but…

High Cascade Snowboard Camp No Parents No Rules Advertisement

Story Behind The Ad – No Parents, No Rules

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“NO PARENTS, NO RULES! NO PARENTS, NO RULES!” Say it out loud. Go on. Say it. “No Parents, No Rules!” No matter what age you are, you can’t say that phrase without a cracking a smile. It’s a chant we all wished we could have yelled as we ran amuck, eating pounds of candy, drinking…

Signature Session Graphic

2014 Signature Sessions™ Announced

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Come ride with your favorite pro snowboarders this summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp! High Cascade Snowboard Camp is excited to announce the 2014 Signature Session™ Pro roster for the coming 2014 Summer Snowboard Camp season on Mt. Hood, Oregon.  New to this year’s roster and the source of much Internet excitement is the addition…


Behind the High Cascade Ad: January

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Since the inception of High Cascade Snowboard Camp in 1989, we have continually progressed and evolved. From our ground breaking Rail Island™ to bringing the first pipe groomer to Mt. Hood, offering 2 private rope tows, Signature Sessions™ with your favorite pros and being the only camp to have two private snowboard parks HCSC has…


Mountain Creek’s Opening Weekend was Authorized Awesome™

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While many people across the country were lethargically digesting their Thanksgiving feasts, the snowmakers and park staff at Mountain Creek were busy making moves putting the finishing touches on-hill.  This past weekend was Mountain Creek’s earliest opening in 30 years and it was definitely one for the history books. The stage was set for Jersey’s…


30% Off and Free Shipping on HCSC byProducts™ Now through Monday

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Use code “CYBER30″ at – The Official HCSC Camp Store™. Once you wake up from your turkey-dinner comatose, nab up killer savings on HCSC’s infamous byProducts™, this Friday through Monday on Four days of Thanksgiving discounts in the HCSC Camp Store™ means we just invented the Megatron™ of holiday savings. This is nuts. Save…

Early Bird™

Don’t Miss Out on the Early Bird™ Deal

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What they say is true. The Early Bird gets the worm! But in the case of High Cascade Snowboard Camp, the Early Bird gets a bunch of swag. Sign up for camp before January 15th and take your pick between $100 off your camp tuition, or an Early Bird ByProducts™ package! The 2014 package has been…

world's only snowboard park

Behind the High Cascade Ad: November

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. . . we’re pretty sure this is true.  When you think about it, every camp and resort you could go to makes “terrain parks” for skiers and snowboarders.  We’re fortunate at High Cascade Snowboard Camp that we get to make “snowboard parks” for snowboarders only. Since HCSC focuses only on snowboarding, every single aspect…


HCSC Bag of Tricks

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Here at camp we have multiple contest that take place in our parks throughout the summer.  One of which is the infamous spin cycle, which takes place on the medium jump and test the riders on all regular and switch frontside and backside spins until 1080.  Today a new contest was born with a similar…


Ice Cream Shuffle

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High Cascade is nestled in a quaint mountain town, just a ten minute ride up to Mount Hood.  Among the many various buses and vans, a long time favorite vehicle to ride is the Ice Cream Bus.  What sets this bus apart from the other vehicles can be compared to an ice cream sundae versus…


The Spin Cycle

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The Spin cycle is far from the act of cleaning your dirty laundry.  This a highly prestigious contest that rivals that of the Olympics or the US Open.  The concept: Spin until you win….literally.  However, it’s going to take more than just hucking yourself in circles, it’s going to take enormous skill. The contest works…


Go Skate!

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It is insanely awesome that so many girls are getting into skateboarding nowadays!  The lady shredders are getting out there and getting into the mix with the boys.  It is always great to see girls cruising around at skateparks.  Here at High Cascade, we have so many different features that you can grind, ollie, kickflip,…


Going Pro Photo

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Who would have ever thought, a small, essentially weightless box could produce so much incredible content.  The Go Pro Hero 3 is an incredible device that can be used it so many ways.  When we think of Go Pro, we think of mostly video, BUT…..there’s so much more.  On the other side of things, the…


Airblaster Airglobe Activity

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Summer is a hard time for the avid snowboarder.  The days are long and hot.  And while skateboarding, surfing, etc. are good alternatives to snowboarding, nothing beats the real thing.  Here at High Cascade, many kids can quench their thirst for snowboarding.  What happens when they go home though?  It is a sad time to…


Summer Games

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This week during session 4 of our High Cascade summer, Snowboarder Magazine has graced us with their presence hosting the 2013 Summer Games.  This event is comprised of 25 professional snowboarders world wide, battling it out as teams to be crowned the champions. Day one of this two day event was jam packed with action…


Lady Shred-a-Palooza!

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Check out some of the action from the lady shredders this session!  There was an all girls Bag Jump clinic where everyone learned new tricks in a safe and supportive environment.  The Bag Jump is a great tool for learning because it takes the element of landing out of the picture; landing in an airbag…