The Spin Cycle

Posted in: contests, events, Uncategorized Posted On: July 30, 2013 By: Kevin English

The Spin cycle is far from the act of cleaning your dirty laundry.  This a highly prestigious contest that rivals that of the Olympics or the US Open.  The concept: Spin until you win….literally.  However, it’s going to take more than just hucking yourself in circles, it’s going to take enormous skill.

The contest works in a progressive motion.  Starting at a frontside 180 and works it’s way all the way through every spin, regular and switch until one rider is left.  Each rider is given 3 falls until elimination. It set’s aside rider’s that spend their days throwing double and triple corks to the ones that still take the time to float a backside 180.  The group of riders that participated was truly astonishing.  There were professional snowboarders, coaches, diggers, counselors, kitchen staff and even campers!  In the end it was Sage Kotsenburg with the big win, making $10.80.  Not only did he do an off the toes frontside 1080, but he did it shirtless.  Take a look at the podium and a few photos from the event.

1rst: Sage Kotsenburg Winning $10.80

2nd: Tim Humphries Winning $9.00

3rd: Seth Hill Winning $7.20

Sage is unstoppable. Photo: Eddy Densow

Shirtless Sage spinning to the win. Photo: Eddy Densow

Tim Humphries was ripping all day. Photo: Eddy Densow