The Night Shoot

Posted in: Hot Shot, Workshops Posted On: July 10, 2013 By: carson

High Cascade has been on the cutting edge of progressive snowboarding since it was founded.  That concept is still being implemented today and it could be clearly seen last night at the Olympic night shoot.  We currently have at least four different Olympic teams in our park at the moment training in our 22 foot super pipe.

Photo: Greg Furey

Scotty Lago Photo: Greg Furey

photo: Greg Furey

Watching these aspiring olympian’s ride the half pipe is a sight to be seen.  You can tell these individuals love snowboarding as much as any one else in the industry and push themselves to greater heights on a daily basis.  The best thing about these training session’s is that all of these teams are riding the pipe together, and communicating with each other peacefully and respectfully.  After some runs you’ll see some high fives from opposing team mates, which just goes to show that all of them are there for the same reason, and they are essentially doing it together.  The camaraderie is still heavily seen even when an olympic medal is upon the horizon.

Some other members of the High Cascade staff remained on hill while the olympic session was taking place.  Take a look at some photos from camp Photographer Eddie Densow.

Medic Brandon Sorell is no stranger to a snowboard

This is the definition of teamwork here with coaches Seth Hill and Johnny Oconnor

One of the best boarders in the game, Johnny Oconnor

Tyler May grabbing tail