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Tall guy style seems few and far between these days but Andrew Aldridge has it in spades. After finishing his first year as a Counselor he’d also found time to turn just about every head in the park with his moves getting featured in a handful of session recaps. Spending time with this guy on or off hill is sure to be good; he’s always smiling about one thing and getting stoked on another, all the while you’re stoked, too. And when he’s not blowing your mind on the mountain he’s probably pushing on his skateboard, fly-fishing in the Provo River, drawing skeletons and chicks on skateboards or playing bass in the midnight band War Horse. People like Aldridge are the ones that you’re really going to learn something from at High Cascade, be it a life lesson, how to throw a dodgeball or one of the smoothest cab 3’s you’ll ever see. You can just tell Aldridge is appreciative of where he’s from, where he is and where he’s going. Expect a whole lot more from this big guy in the years to come.

Toby Witte, Fellow HCSC Counselor

Tall guy style at its finest. Photo: Greg Furey

What’s your name and what do you do at camp?

My name is Andrew Aldridge and I’m a counselor.

Where do you live during the winter and what do you do there? Do you work or just board?

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT. I go to school in the fall and sell stuff on eBay in the winter. It’s a good way to save up on money so that I don’t have to work during the season, which is nice.

Why did you choose to become a counselor and what’s the best part?

I chose to become a counselor because I like getting the kids stoked about riding. I also like to get them excited for activities, which is easy because it’s always something fun. Oh yeah, and I get to snowboard all day which makes me pretty stoked. Being stoked is the best part about being a counselor, haha!

Holding it down for New Hampshire. Photo: Greg Furey

What would you tell someone trying to get a job as a counselor at High Cascade?

Its tough to get a job at camp so don’t be discouraged if you are not hired the first time around. I had to apply three years in a row before I got an interview. Just be yourself and show your love for boardin’!

What are some of your favorite things on-hill at High Cascade?

I love to ride the mini pipe, that thing rules. The rails are so nice, too. Pretty much everything is fun to rip around on with a rope tow.

How about off-hill?

When I’m off-hill I love to skate our private parks, play dodgeball, eat Cobra Dogs and Volcano Cones.. The list goes on and on, everything is pretty fun.

Aldridge on his 50th lap of the day. Photo: Greg Furey

You’ve got a pretty unique riding style that catches most people’s attention, which riders would you say influence you the most?

I am a big fan of most people from the east coast. I have always looked up to people like Scott Stevens, Grendys, Pat Moore, Rav and all the dudes from the east coast that do creative things and make cool video parts. I also like to watch Bradshaw and Lucas Magoon do tricks because they just have the best style.

Do you think growing up back East was better or worse for you and snowboarding?

Probably better, to be honest, but there is no way to really tell. The conditions are icy on the east, which makes riding the fresh snow out here all the time really nice!

This pretty much sums it up… Photo: Greg Furey

You’ve been in Salt Lake for a little while now, is it really as good as everyone says it is?

Yeah, its nice to have Brighton 25 minutes from my house and a lot of my homies live here. The skateboarding is also amazing in Utah compared to New Hampshire.

Why is skating in Utah better than New Hampshire in your opinion?

Well there’s a ton more skate parks that are more conveniently located to where I live. The parks themselves are concrete and have really good flow out here but back home there are really rough concrete parks with wooden ramps. Its not that skating back home isn’t fun but there’s just more to do out here.

What is it about Brighton that sets it apart from other resorts?

The big thing is that it’s never really crowded, even on the weekends its pretty empty. It’s up in the Wasatch National Forest so its got amazing views and you’re tucked away in this great little zone of terrain. They have some of the highest quality rails and features in the park that don’t get all sticky from skiers. Basically any day is good up there because no matter what the conditons there is always something fun to do. I love their park; I love riding powder there. Brighton is the best!

East meets West. Halfpipes in the summer. Photo: Greg Furey

This winter you’ve been working with the Under Dawgs in honor of Drake Edwards, could you tell us a little bit about it?

The movie is called D.A.E., which are Drake’s initials. Drake Edwards was a rad dude who loved snowboarding and we had a blast working together this summer. Colton Morgan was in Salt Lake and told me he was making a film dedicated to Drake so obviously I was down. We filmed a lot around Salt Lake and other parts of Utah, the smoggy inversion really helped us for a while. We also went to Colorado a couple of times to hit rails. Some of the other guys just took a trip to the northwest for some pow, too. The movie is going to feature Jesse Gouveia, Shane Wright, Jordan Morse, Colton Morgan, Sammy Spiteri, Max Tokunaga, Ben Strause, Durell Williams, more and myself.

What are some of the best moments you’ve had filming for D.A.E.?

Lots of good times just hanging around Salt Lake and filming. Colton has been in Salt Lake all winter unexpectedly and that has been fun the whole time. He’s a happy person. The trips to Colorado were also really fun and productive with the help of Jon Stark. Good times all around.

Do you feel like Drake is with you when you snowboard?

Yeah, I miss boarding with Drake a ton. He was always ripping the mini pipe with me at camp. We think of him every time we go out.

This should have been a cover. Photo: Greg Furey

Tell us about War Horse, it sounds like a metal band.

I had an acoustic guitar that was just sitting around and put it up for trade online and got an offer for a bass guitar with an amp so I went with that. My roommate Logan Griffith always had guitars lying around and he’s really good so we just started messing around and looked up tabs on the internet and started playing for people. We don’t play much but whenever we have people over we’re more than happy to play for them, midnight shows usually. It’s when the War Horse comes out.

So rumor has it you’re an avid angler. How long have you been fly-fishing and what is it that’s drawing so many people to it these days?

I’ve been fly fishing since as long as I can remember because my dad got me and my brother out there since as soon as we could walk. It seems like more and more people are picking it up, that’s forsure. I think it’s just something about being out there in nature and it’s not really too strenuous so you’re just relaxing there in the river and trying to take the gamble of catching the fish. It’s a big waiting game, sometimes you win but it’s always worth it. 

Whats the biggest trout you’ve ever caught? Are you a trout slayer?

I’d like to think I’m a trout slayer! The biggest I’ve caught was probably in Utah and I think it was only about 16 inches. It was a good lookin Brown Trout. Still waitin’ for that lunker though!

Will you ever switch to earbud headphones or are you over the top for life?

Over the top headphones fo’ life, get them buds outta here!

Are skeletons better at skating than humans?

Yes, because they’re way easier to draw!

Do you worship friendship?



Salomon, Bonfire and Milosport. Shout out to everyone at High Cascade and all the homies in New Hampshire, Utah and everywhere.

See you this summer! Photo: Greg Furey