Behind the High Cascade Ad: November

Posted in: Announcements, Youth Camp Posted On: October 23, 2013 By: Kasey Sheldon

world's only snowboard park

. . . we’re pretty sure this is true.  When you think about it, every camp and resort you could go to makes “terrain parks” for skiers and snowboarders.  We’re fortunate at High Cascade Snowboard Camp that we get to make “snowboard parks” for snowboarders only.

Since HCSC focuses only on snowboarding, every single aspect of our 2 private snowboard parks is built entirely for snowboarders: from the shapes of our jumps, to the way we set our rails, HCSC is built for YOU.  And we’ve been making snowboard parks longer than any other camp; for 25-years we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into progressing snowboard park design and providing the best possible camp and coaching experience for snowboarders.

To watch videos and learn more about what makes our 2 private 100% Snowboarding™ parks so special, visit

And if you haven’t seen the November issue of Snowboarder Magazine, get to your favorite local snowboard shop and grab a copy to see High Cascade’s ad!

Fine Print:

The fact checkers in fancy silk suits (AKA The Marshmallow) just let us know we are NOT the only 100% snowboard park in the world.  This is actually awesome news so if you know of anymore 100% Snowboarding™ parks let us know ([email protected]). . . we’ll check them off as Authorized Awesome™ and post a link here.  Snowboarders supporting snowboarders.

  1. Raging Buffalo