Story Behind The Ad – No Parents, No Rules

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Say it out loud. Go on. Say it. “No Parents, No Rules!” No matter what age you are, you can’t say that phrase without a cracking a smile. It’s a chant we all wished we could have yelled as we ran amuck, eating pounds of candy, drinking soda fountains dry, and skateboarding in front of signs that screamed “No Skateboarding Allowed”. While this may have been a golden dream of our fun-filled youth, it is terrifying to think of the actual outcome of letting kids run wild and free with no authority figures to keep them in check.

Here at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, we give our campers the skills to explore new freedoms and in turn have the fun they’ve always dreamed of. Giving our campers this freedom is a concept youth camps have been employing since day one, and come with many developmental benefits including; a new sense of independence, personality development, social and communication skills, creativity, and best of all – fun from sun up ‘til sun down.

Worry not, parents. These freedoms don’t come with absolute lawlessness. In order to be the amazing place that HCSC is, we rely on a set of very basic, yet very important rules. We lovingly refer to these rules as The Big 6™ (off-hill) and The Big One™ (on-hill). These rules are imperative to the safety and well being of your child, as well as other campers at camp.

The Big Six™

  1. No Drugs or Alcohol
  2. No Tobacco Use
  3. No Theft or Vandalism
  4. No Leaving Camp Boundaries
  5. 9:30 PM Curfew Strictly Enforced
  6. No Weapons, Violence or Abusive Language


The Big One™

  1. Absolutely No Snowboarding Without an HCSC Staff Member Outside of The Main Park™


Most importantly, our rules would only stand as simple numbered bullet points if it weren’t for the 24-hour SuperVision™ each and every camper receives from our wonderful staff of 120+. Upon arriving to our beautiful mountain campus, each camper is assigned a coach and counselor, and will be under the watchful eye of many other staff, giving your child a 1:2 camper to staff ratio at all times.

So when your child arrives at HCSC, we can all chant “NO PARENTS, NO RULES!” comfortably knowing that your child is in the fun and safe environment that we call High Cascade Snowboard Camp. After all, Fun is #1 for campers; Safety is #1 for us.