Summer Games

Posted in: events Posted On: July 18, 2013 By: Kevin English

This week during session 4 of our High Cascade summer, Snowboarder Magazine has graced us with their presence hosting the 2013 Summer Games.  This event is comprised of 25 professional snowboarders world wide, battling it out as teams to be crowned the champions.

Day one of this two day event was jam packed with action of all sorts.  The event is held in a way so teams were formed that compete against each other.  Within the teams, you have your professionals and legends.  These teams will battle it out building points from each event to be crowned the Summer Games winning team and the prize…..a trip to CABO.  It’s clear that with these individuals partaking in this event and a prize as such, we’re going to be seeing some incredible snowboarding.

The morning started with the high ollie.  This event is much harder than it seems.  You need to harness speed and control to make it over the pointer.  In the end it was Scotty Lago effortlessly jumping over the highest mark and even showing his snowboarding prowess, and doing the jump switch.  In second was legend Shane Flood and in third Forest Bailey.

Scott Blum was a standout all day Photo: Cole Martin

The next event was the Spin to Win.  This event gave each rider 3 chances at their best frontside spin and 3 chances at their best backside spin.  All the best scores are recorded and added making the highest spinning team the winner.  We saw standouts such as High Cascade’s own Garret Warnick spinning an effortless frontside 1080 and Spencer Schubert spinning an even more effortless back 1260.

Forest turning jumping into something else Photo: Greg Furey

Blum going big Photo: Greg Furey

Shane Flood was ripping Photo: Greg Furey

Chris Grenier with a perfect front 720 Photo: Eddie Densow

Brandon Cocard laying one out Photo: Eddie Densow

Johnny Brady is the best Photo: Eddie Densow

Check back tomorrow with more information about the event and a recap from day 2!  Also, visit for more photo’s and words of the event.