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Skateboarding: The Bowls

Posted in: Uncategorized Posted On: February 28, 2013 By: carson

Mike Rav has a Signature Session™ now. NBD. Photo: Cole Martin

The Bowls were built by our friends at Planet Design – the guys who make all of our rails. The set up is over 6,500 square feet of interconnected mini ramps, spines, bowls and more; surfaced in a fresh layer of Skatelite™, and designed for all ability levels. If you are just learning to drop in or transferring from bowl to bowl: the ramps have something for everyone. Located just behind Volcano Cones, these bowls offer a nice break from the crowds in the street course and a great place to hang with your favorite Signature Session™ rider. Check out the video below to see how much fun you will be having this summer while skating The Bowls at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

Click here to check out the map with videos of more fun stuff to do at HCSC. 

Brandon Hobush boosting the bowl corner. Photo: Furey

Nick Doucett. Bluntflip. Photo: Cole Martin