Session 1 Shenanigans

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Session One is a sentimental one for the staff of High Cascade.  It marks the beginning of an incredible summer of camaraderie and fun through the arrival of campers and of course snowboarding.  Not to mention all of the other incredible things we get to do all summer long off-hill.  When that first bus arrives at camp you can’t help and smile because it’s finally here.  Besides the passion for snowboarding that runs deep in the veins of our staff and campers, it’s easy to tell that this isn’t the sole reason for their participation at High Cascade.  Every minute that passes, you realize that being a staff member and camper at High Cascade means your now part of a family.  This family is accepting of all, caring, creative and ready to have a good time.  Take a look at some family photos that we took this week, and we hope that you too can be a part of the High Cascade family some day.

The Staff / photo: Greg Furey

The Staff of High Cascade is comprised of incredible individuals from all walks of life.  Everyone of us takes care of each other and is always there to lend a helping hand.  We also have an unconditional love for snowboarding.  Snowboarding  has changed our lives and we hope that campers will acquire this love also.

All smiles here at High Cascade / Photo: Eddy Densow

Progression / Photo: Eddy Densow

Our High Cascade park is put together by some of the most talented people in the industry.  From our world renowned cat drivers to our infamous Diggers, the park is considered these employees baby.  Proper procedures are taken to ensure safety and fun every day.

With progression and fun as primary objectives, you can see a variety of features throughout the park for every level of camper.  We have basic features for the beginners and advanced features for the avid snowboarders.  One things is sure, you can have a good time at any level here at camp.  Not to mention our talented coaches guiding the way for campers to learn whatever it is they want to learn.

Lunch time! / Photo: Eddy Densow

Coach Johnny Oconnor skating / Photo: Brandon Huttenlocher

Besides snowboarding, we have so many incredible activities to partake in on activity days.  A new activity we have is going to skate at the private Nike training facility.  If your a skateboarder, or if you want to learn to skate, this is the place to be.

Groms at the Thrift / Photo: Cole Martin

One of our most popular activities at camp is going to the thrift store!  The campers are given money and let lose on the treasures of the thrift store.  One man’s trash is our campers treasure.  You would be amazed at the incredible buys and outfits that leave the store and you see on hill the next day!

Dodgeball / Photo: Eddy Densow

Dodgeball.  One of camps most infamous activities.  Campers VS Staff.  Lets just say this event get’s crazy.

Fate / Photo: Eddy Densow

We have a few staff members that can send campers to the corners with powerful throws. As scared as the campers look, you can see how much fun they’re having.

Muff! / Photo: Greg Furey

Thrift store with campers Skylar and Tahj / Photo: Cole Martin

This is just a blink of the activities and shenanigans taking place here at High Cascade.  In order to really understand what this camp is all about, you just need to sign up and join us at the the best 100% snowboarding summer snowboarding camp in the world.  All of our information is right here on the website regarding dates, prices and availability throughout the summer.  For more photos and updates follow us on:

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Have a nice day!

Tanner Mccarty / Photo: Greg Furey

Austin Smith / Photo: Greg Furey

Signature Sessioner Jeremy Jones / Photo: Greg Furey

Digger Richie Conklin / Photo: Greg Furey

Counselor Andrew Aldridge / Photo: Greg Furey