Learn To Snowboard…In The Summer

Posted in: Coaching Posted On: February 12, 2017 By: Kevin English

DYK? February is LEARN TO SNOWBOARD month and we (us, High Cascade, your favorite summer snowboard camp) has teamed up with the amazing folks over at Snowboards.Com to offer one luck up and coming ripper the opportunity to keep ripping this summer! Can you think of a better way to learn how to ride than in a small group, in warm weather, on soft snow, and with terrain designed to make learning how to snowboard EASY? We didn’t think so!

The deal gets even sweeter! We’re choosing one lucky growing snowboarder to come to camp FOR FREE this summer. Head over to SNOWBOARDS.com and enter to win a FREE session to keep improving those skills this summer.


Want to learn more about our Authorized Awesome™ coaches? Seeing is believing! Don’t let us just tell you what campers of all-ages and abilities are learning with their coaches at High Cascade, see for yourself! High Cascade’s trained coaches split campers up into small groups based on age and ability levels to ensure comfort, one-on-one attention, and safe individual progression for each and every camper. 

All of our coaches work at High Cascade not only because they love to snowboard, but because they also love coaching snowboarding.  Our coaches are chomping at the bit daily to get on-hill and lay down some turns, slide some boxes and rails, and jump until their legs tell them it is time to stop. Along with riding, our staff also love to teach and discuss all aspects of snowboarding. From analyzing video footage from the day on hill, showing campers how to lay down the perfect layer of wax on their boards, and brainstorming one-on-one with campers to develop new tricks to try on the slopes.  Our coaches work here because they have deep love of snowboarding and use working at High Cascade as a way to share and continue that love day in and day out.

Coach Dave Reynolds watching one of our Groms frontside grab in our park. P: Grey Furey

Coach Dave Reynolds watching one of our Groms frontside grab in our park. P: Grey Furey

Not only does High Cascade offer freestyle focused coaching in our main parks and pipes, HCSC offers specific programs for all snowboarders, including our beginner Soft Start™ program, our Hot Laps™ freeride program, as well as adult-specific coaching!

For more information for coaching at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, watch this short segment from our video brochure (which is titled, “Coaching.”)

Lock in your spot for Summer 2017 before it’s all filled up and stay up to date on everything we got going on!

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