Highlighter™: Andy Wright

Posted in: Photo Workshop, Session 5, The Highlighter™ Posted On: February 19, 2015 By: Kevin English

We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with long time HCSC friend, esteemed photographer, and all-around great guy Andy Wright for this installment of the Highlighter™. We got to chat about his work (he’s a Senior Photographer at Transworld Snowboarding) , High Cascade, Mount Hood, and look back at a memorable photo from the past. Andy is Director of the Photo Workshop here at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and we couldn’t think of a better teacher.

Come join Andy Wright for HCSC’s Photo Workshop during Session 5 this Summer at High Cascade.
Session 5 takes place July 26 – August 2, 2015 on Mt. Hood in the state of Oregon.
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Did you have your eye in the viewfinder? Wanna test out your fisheye and read this thing real close? The transcript is below…

“My name is Andy Wright and I am the Director of the Photo Workshop up at High Cascade. My title at Transworld is I’m a ‘Senior Photographer,’ I’ve been with them twelve years and I do work for Nike, I do a lot of shooting for the Snowboard brand side of things, I’ve been with them for about seven years. I’ve been coming up to Mt. Hood since about 1992. We used to hike up and poach the facilities at High Cascade. We used to be bitter ’cause they wouldn’t let us ride and so we’d sometimes hike up after hours. Our thing that we always called High Cascade, ‘High Price Paid’ for all the people that came here, and (because) we couldn’t afford it. It’s fun now to be part of camp and it’s got such a legacy, and I’ve been coming up (like I said) since ’92, I think thats about 22 years. I’ve been doing the Photo Workshop for about seven years now with High Cascade. High Cascade is a really special magical place, just in the fact that you can snowboard all summer long, but just even being up here in the mountains…”