HCSC Bag of Tricks

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, contests, events Posted On: August 10, 2013 By: Kevin English

Here at camp we have multiple contest that take place in our parks throughout the summer.  One of which is the infamous spin cycle, which takes place on the medium jump and test the riders on all regular and switch frontside and backside spins until 1080.  Today a new contest was born with a similar dynamic, however this contest has metal involved.  A rail was chosen, and a list of tricks were devised and a crew of heavy riders lined up to test their skills.


When you have riders like Spencer Schubert, Max Warbington, Jaeger Bailey, Jesse Gouveia, Andrew Aldridge, Blake Geis, Oliver Dixon and many others you know that things are going to get interesting.  The contest started with frontside 5050 and from there some pretty insane tricks went down.

Judges Jesse Burtner and Scott Stevens were either giving the thumbs up or thumbs down after a trick was completed.  The semi finals consisted of 15 tricks and each rider was allowed 5 x’s.  Some of these guy’s were completing tricks that they have never even done before.  With the energy from the riders and the camaraderie at the drop in….anything is possible.

Oliver Dixon broke his snowboarding half way through, however, this did not stop him from making his way into the finals with style and ease.  Jaeger Bailey was boarding extremely consistently along with Spencer Schubert.  Max Warbington was casually landing some of the hardest tricks.

In the end it was Max Warbington and Spencer Schubert battling it out for the win.  After every normal trick was completed, the two person final was decided by a backside swivel and a switch backside 270 to regular.  Spencer Schubert emerged victorious as the first winner of the High Cascade “Bag Of Tricks.”  We hope to see you next summer for this contest.  Start practicing those tricks.