HCSC 2017: Session 5 Recap

Posted in: Uncategorized Posted On: August 9, 2017 By: Jason Arens

Cinco De Sesho aka the High Cascade Session 5 summer snowboard fiesta just wrapped up! A week full of hot sunny days had us feeling like the glacier moved to Cabo and the Videograss crew brought the moves to match! Signature Session™ Joe Sexton, Danimals, Jake Kuzyk, and the rest of the VG crew came to party bearing gifts for the eyes to see only, putting their video part talents on live display! Check the action numero five the fiery session

Featuring:Travis Cullison, Chas Guldemond, Mike Rav, Benny Milam, Jed Sky, Jeffy, Cody Beiersdorf, Dusty Miller, Jackie Lammert, Martyn Vachon, Jesse Augustinus, Cooper Whittier, Joey Peterson, Jordan Small, Christian Hobush, Rob Roethler, Reid Smith

Filmed by: Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Miles Perreault, Zak Peterson, Anthony Drolet

Edited by: Jake Howell

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