Going Pro Photo

Posted in: Summer Memories Posted On: July 22, 2013 By: carson

Who would have ever thought, a small, essentially weightless box could produce so much incredible content.  The Go Pro Hero 3 is an incredible device that can be used it so many ways.  When we think of Go Pro, we think of mostly video, BUT…..there’s so much more.  On the other side of things, the Go Pro takes incredible photo’s as well.  For such a small toy, there’s a huge return.

Groms at the street course!

The skate contest is going off!

Chandler getting ready to drop into the skate jam!

Volcano cones is a must have in the summer!

Go get a cone!

Jed anderson keeping it serious at the bowls.

Jed with the after hours front smith

These Go Pro Hero 3′s are exceptional pieces of technology and perfect for almost any scenario.  They come with waterproof casing and can withstand nearly any fall.  For more information on these devices visit http://gopro.com.