Gnu Girls Make Magic

Posted in: Authorized Awesome, Camp News, contests, HCSC Girl, Session 2, Signature Sessioner News, Uncategorized, Youth Camp Posted On: June 29, 2013 By: Kevin English

Gnu guys get weird.  It’s a fact.  So what about Gnu girls?  Well, they make magic.  Every day on a Gnu snowboard is a magical experience.  Now, at High Cascade, girls can make magic the whole session, on and off hill.  This year’s Gnu girls’ activity calls for every girl camper to first seek out a magic wand in the great Oregon wilderness.  Then, they must decorate it to allow the wand to emit even more magical powers.

Decorating Wands

Coaches Terri, Sandra, Ariel and Counselor Katie look on as Marie and Desiree Help the Girls Decorate

Marie and Desiree Wand Fighting

After the wands have been prepared for maximum magic emitting potential (say that five times fast) the girls go out and take pictures of themselves creating magic.  They then post their pictures to Instagram.  The best picture wins a brand new Gnu snowboard!  Check out the hashtag #gnugirlsmakemagic to see the awesome pictures!

Who Doesn’t Love a Group Shot?