So You Want to Work Here?!

Before You Apply, Please Note That All Employees:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age (by the start of job)
  • Must be First Aid and CPR certified (by start of job)
  • Are subject to background and motor vehicle record checks
  • Must pass pre-employment & random drug tests
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States (for international work visas please contact iena.org)
  • Must have relevant child experience
  • Must be eligible to be Authorized Awesome™
  • Must be available full-time beginning approximately June 7, 2013 through approximately August 18, 2013. (Unless noted otherwise)
  • Must go by the following instructions:

Although we accept applications constantly, year round, the preferred application window is December 1st to March 2nd.


This is your first test. Due to the overwhelming number applicants we receive each season at HCSC, we ask you to please read this information thoroughly before applying. The ability to follow directions is crucial.   

Choose the position you are most suited for, and apply for that (hundreds of resumes come each season saying, “I don′t care”, “I′ll do anything” or “I′ll clean toilets” – this means we’re not sure which hiring manager to send your resume to, and it sits in our office collecting dust.)

If you feel you are suited for more than one position be sure to send in a separate resume & cover letter for each position you are applying for, and make a copy of your application (with the exception of Kitchen positions, where you submit one resume and application of for all positions.)

Why the need for mulitple applications and resumes?  Our summer hiring managers are not in our winter office, and so therefore you application/resume will be shipped out to the applicable hiring managers.  (They do not need to be in seperate envelopes.)

Please do not call or email us to check on your resume. With the sheer volume of applicants who apply each season, this puts a burden on our already busy office staff.

Shared camp employee housing, lift tickets or a season pass, and meals are part of the compensation package for all of the listed jobs. Please do not call us to ask us detailed questions about the positions, ride time, pay, lodging, etc. If you are given a phone interview, detailed information will be disclosed at this time. (Not all applicants are given interviews)

International Applicants: Yes, we welcome your application and resume.  Upon being offered a position, you would need to apply for a work visa (some countries take longer than others to do so).  High Cascade works in conjunction with IENA to obtain summer work visas.  Please do not contact us any further regarding this process.  We will work with you when/if you are offered a job.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are an international applicant is is absolutely imperative that you have your completed job application and resume submitted to High Cascade as soon as possible.  The work visa process can take time and we would hate to have to pass on offering you a job because we couldn’t get a work visa sorted early enough!

Apply! You’ll never get hired if you don’t apply. Just because we receive a lot of resumes doesn′t mean it is impossible to get hired. We are constantly striving to create a well rounded, diverse, fun, energetic, safe, and professional staff.  We want to see your resume!



None at this time.



HCSC and the infamous Ramp Crew™ is looking for a few skilled people to set up the 2014 off-hill facilities, including our entire 20,000sf skate complex.  Must have carpentry and leadership skills with the capability to lift 100lbs.  Pay is hourly with housing, food and camaraderie included.  Must be able to work April 28th through May 24th. If you’re also applying for a regular summer camp position, working and doing well at Ramp Crew will increase, but not guarantee your chance, at regular summer camp employment.




Run off-hill activities, shuttle campers to and from Timberline, keep camper houses clean during session and make them ready for new campers after each session.  Calm fears of homesick campers and discipline the wild ones, tell bedtime stories and be a human alarm clock  (lay down the law and encourage good clean snowboard camp fun.)

Snowboard Coaches

Start the session by picking campers up at PDX as a shuttle driver or greeter.  Coach campers of all ability levels and lead on-hill coaching clinics.  To coach at HCSC means to be a fun, positive snowboard role model (not a drill sergeant football coach).  Off-hill, occasionally lead activities like soccer or hiking. End the session by helping to bring  campers back to PDX.

Skateboard Monitor/Coach

Start the session by picking campers up at PDX as a shuttle driver or greeter. Open and close the skate parks every day and ensure they are only used by HCSC campers, staff and guests.  Check waivers and monitor the parks, making sure everyone wears a helmet.  Be on hand to teach skate clinics and offer instructional assistance as needed. End the session by helping to bring campers back to PDX.

Trampoline Monitor/Coach

Supervise campers on our three trampolines and in the foam pit.  Check camper skills to allow them to jump.  Teach campers maneuvers on the trampolines, help them learn new tricks and how to apply what they learn to snowboarding.  Open and close trampoline area daily.


Must Haves: Professional quality HD camera, lap top/desktop computer, well organized, experience in filming and editing, ability to work independently and within a team.
Shoot footage of all aspects of camp (from A-Level Shredding to D-Level Dodgeball) and pull some all nighters helping to make the session videos and web edits on time.  Work with individual campers and groups on private camper shoots making them short edits of their time at camp.


Must Haves: Professional quality digital SLR camera, lap top/desktop computer, well organized, experience in action photography and editing photos digitally, ability to work independently and within a team. Contribute photos for the website and/or ad campaigns, shoot campers who purchase a private photo shoots and deliver them edited and raw photos.

Kitchen Staff (NOTE: only one kitchen resume & application need to be submitted for the following positions)

  • Dishwashers
    Wash dishes and clean kitchen/dining area after 375 hungry snowboarders eat breakfast and make their lunches, and again after dinner.  Pitches in wherever help is needed during a shift.
  • Prep Cooks
    Helps all aspects of preparing, cooking and serving nutritiously balanced meals, keeping the kitchen, food service and dining areas clean and sanitary, following stringent levels of cleanliness & ensuring camper & staff dietary needs are being met.
  • Cooks
    Involves all aspects of preparing, cooking and serving nutritiously balanced meals, keeping the kitchen, food service and dining areas clean and sanitary, following stringent levels of cleanliness & ensuring camper & staff dietary needs are being met.
  • Lead Cooks
    Manages and partakes in all aspects of preparing, cooking and serving nutritiously balanced meals, keeping the kitchen, food service and dining areas clean and sanitary, following stringent levels of cleanliness & ensuring camper & staff dietary needs are being met.

Must Haves: ample relevant experience working in a professional kitchen environment.

Your resume and application will dictate which position(s) you will be considered for.


On-call on and off snow when injuries strike to assist ski-patrol and/or drive injured campers to the hospital.  On-call off-hill to take sick campers to the doctor at all times (i.e. 3am) or make miscellaneous airport runs.  Also assists the camp nurse in collecting and then distributing camper meds.

Maintenance Assistant

Unclog toilets, take out the trash and recycling, perfrom vehicle maintenence, maintain skate ramps and door jams. Pretty much anything you can imagine that gets broken at camp gets fixed by you… (thanks)

Office Assistants

Offer friendly and informative customer service to the parents and campers. Answer phones, emails, discuss camp logistics with parents, answer an unlimited supply of very good questions.  Collect camper information/documents from parents prior to the start of a session.  Input data into our online data management system.  Send/receive packages.  Fax, copy, talk, type, shred, repeat.

Demo Assistants

Assist campers in assembling their dream snowboard set up.  Fit campers for gear and get them ready to ride.  On-call on-hill to fix broken bindings or help with anything else that requires a screwdriver.

Camp Store Sales Clerk

Keep track of store inventory, assist campers in making purchases.  Help campers get money from their cash accounts, run the store register, and keep the store neat and clean.


First on snow and last off, making boarder’s dreams come true.  Diggers maintain jumps, pipes, and rails, assemble and disassemble our park at the beginning and end of each session, respectively.  Rake all features every day as needed.  Also, consider yourself the polite on-hill poacher police, keeping our parks private.


Download The Application™

Mail the following to HCSC by March 2nd:

(We will accept resumes after this date – but your chances drop by ten million percent, we will NOT accept faxed or emailed applications)

1.The Application™ (if you are stapling your pages, please place this on the top)

2. Resume

3. Cover Letter specifying what position you are applying for and why you are qualified for the position.

4. List of references.

5. Anything else you think we should see.

Mail To:

High Cascade Snowboard Camp
Attn: Human Resources
5014 NE 15th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

If you are sending multiple applications/resumes for mulitiple positions (other than kitchen positions) you may simply copy of pages 2-6 of the application, but write a separate cover letter for each position you are applying for (other than kitchen positions). You may also include all applications/resumes/cover letters/etc. in one envelope, rather than mailing a seperate envelope for each position you are applying for. The reason for multiple applications and cover letters is due to our department hiring managers being located in different locations. 


New Employee Hiring

  • December 1st: Start of application collection
  • March 2nd: Application deadline for new summer hires (late? send it anyway, your chances are slimming…..but you never know!)
  • March 3rd-March 16th: Management assesses staffing needs based on return staff response and resumes are reviewed by Department Managers.
  • March 16th – April 13th: Prospective new hires are contacted to set up phone interviews
  • April 14th – May 6th: Bonus round of interviewing (if needed)
  • May 7th: Summer camp hiring is 100% completed

Return Employee Hiring Timeline-  Our already excellent staff get first crack at next summer′s openings.

  • Feb 15th: Return Staff Inquiry sent to last summer′s eligible employees
  • March 1st: Deadline for confirming their return to HCSC