Skip the Trust Falls this summer and let High Cascade Snowboard Camp host you at Mt. Hood! High Cascade has hosted many sales meetings, conferences, and retreats for companies such as Burton, Oakley, and Nitro Snowboards.

What are the Options?

  • Transportation (to/from PDX & locally)
  • Activities
    • Snowboarding and skateboarding (coaching available)
    • Trampolines, Foampits, & Jousting
    • Mountain Biking
    • Scenic hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail or to several spectacular Mt. Hood waterfalls
    • River Rafting (professionally guided)
    • Dodgeball, paintball, soccerball.
    • Sunset drinks on Mt. Hood, Karaoke and professional DJ at Charlie’s.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Anywhere from buffets to BBQ’s at scenic Trillium lake or keep it simple with Cobra Dogs and Pabst.  Enjoy each morning with robust Portland roasted coffee by our friends at Heart Coffee Roasters.  Vegan and vegetarian options always available.
  • Accommodations in High Cascade’s classic Cascadian Chalet’s.
  • Meeting and Conference Facilities at historic Timberline Lodge (1,000 sf to 2,400 sf) with AV equipment.
  • Approximately 3 minute video edit of your trip
  • Photo slideshow thumbdrive
  • Camp shirt (these are collectors items)
  • Rad times

Dates Available

  • June 23-26
  • July 3-6
  • July 13-16
  • July 23-26
  • August 2-5
  • Special dates upon request.

Prices & More Information

Typical four-day, all-inclusive conferences, meetings, or retreats range from $400 – $600 per person depending on itinerary and needs.  Please contact Kevin English to get your retreat or sales meeting going!

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Meeting Space – Barlow Room, Timberline Lodge
Meeting Space – Barlow Room, Timberline Lodge
Meeting Space – Raven’s Room, Timberline Lodge
Meeting Space – Raven’s Room, Timberline Lodge

Over 22,000 Square Feet of Skateboarding

Our Private Street Course and Bowls equal over 22,000 square feet of skateboarding good times.

Whether you’re learning to drop in on the Beginner Ramp Section or you are vying for a win at the Camp Huckleberry Jam™ Skate contest – we’ve got what you need: a giant bowl, mini bowl, beginner ramp, mini ramps, stair sets, jersey barriers, euro gaps, flat bars, ledges, banks and more…

Beginners Only:

Never skated before? Don’t own a skateboard, helmet or pads? Not sure which end to stand on or why you shouldn’t lick the grip tape? Don’t worry.  Beginner Skate is the answer for you.

Our beginner skate sessions give you the perfect, supportive atmosphere to learn form our coaches with other beginners and nobody else in sight!

Skate Tours:

If our private skateboard facility isn’t enough for you; take a skate tour of some of the North West’s world-famous skateparks.

The Chalets™

Do the proper research, and you’ll find that The Chalet™ accommodations are some of the best snowboard camp lodging out there. Our deluxe mountain style vacation Chalets sleep approximately 10-16 campers, with approximately 2-8 campers per bedroom. The Chalets™ are set up like ‘home’ or vacation condos, with great interior decorations by camp sponsors, big screen TV’s, and plenty of couch space for all. There are several different Chalets around camp, and campers are grouped into Chalets based on age and gender (i.e. girls and boys do not share Chalets).

See a virtual tour of an example of one of our many different chalets here.

Location, location, location

Staying in The Chalets™ means you’ll be close to all things great at camp. Our camp boundaries are essentially a two-block radius, so you’ll never be far from anyone, or anything, at anytime. Check our interactive map to get a feel for the lay-of-the-land.

Live-in Counselors

Responsible adult counselors live in The Chalets™. Can’t remember when dinner is?  Don’t know what time dodgeball starts?  Your counselor is like your Mom/Dad/big brother/big sister/friend/mentor during your time at camp.  Hand picked, and screened from hundreds of applicants, our counseling staff is the best in the business. Certified in First Aid and CPR, criminal background checked and drug tested. The chosen few who become High Cascade Counselors are an impressive bunch and we choose them because we know you’ll find them to be pretty darn like-able and helpful as well.

The beautiful village of Government Camp

(aka Govy, Govy Camp, Dream World), located at the 4000-foot level of Mt. Hood, is the closest town to Timberline Resort. Timberline is the only place in the United States that you can snowboard all summer, is also the lodge from The Shining, and is the location of our two private snowboard parks.

Government Camp is one hour east of Portland, Oregon. Nestled in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest, Govy is snowboarding’s undisputed summer headquarters. Approximately two city blocks, this quaint little village has been High Cascade’s summer home since 1989.  Right at the base of Mt. Hood’s access road, HCSC is a short 6-mile drive to the lifts.

For a small mountain village, the highlights are many:

The Burton Demo Center: Burton has their own Demo Center right at camp and it’s FREE to campers! Swing by and meet the Burton crew (don’t be alarmed if someone from the Burton pro team is lurking out playing video games).

The Huckleberry Inn: World famous for their Huck Shakes, grab a booth at Hucks and try and put down a Big Man Sandwich if you dare.

Volcano Cones: Go visit Sally and try a waffle cone on for size. Hot tip: order half fresh banana and half galaxy: it’s TDF.

Govy General:  The local grocery/convenient store has all general needs generally covered.

Cobra Dogs: Hot dogs that legends are made out of. Go say hi to the weena-man Cory and grab a Hot Snake, Cobra-style with extra Cobra cabbage. Yet another perk of coming to camp; getting to be one of the few lucky enough to sink your teeth into a legendary dog.

Trees & fresh air….real trees! Clean mountain air! Warm sunny days, breathtaking sunsets, and cool mountain evenings.  Ahhh… this is livin’

Check out the interactive Govy map!


In the mid 1800’s on a common Pioneer trail known as The Barlow Road, the Army’s Regiment of Mounted Riflemen were forced to abandon their wagons and supplies when they were hit with heavy early snows. The remnants of this camp became an Oregon Trail resting point that early travelers referred to as “Government Camp.” After years of settlers and locals using the same term, the name of Government Camp stuck. Today Government Camp = summer snowboarding. Dig deep enough and you’ll find that snowboarding has had it’s own fare share of history shaped by this quaint little village. For more info check out the Mt. Hood Museum website.

hcsc street course mt.hood overview

high cascade mt. hood timberline lodge trillium sunset