If you aren’t too keen on the idea of shared lodging/rooms this package is for you. This is also a great option for those traveling with family or friends not-participating at High Cascade. This package is perfect for those who want a private room or more upscale lodging accommodations. You’ll still feel integrated into camp life since meals, afternoon, and evening activities are all included.

Here’s what is included in the ‘Everything But Lodging’ adult camp package:

  • Daily transportation
  • Meals
  • Lift tickets
  • Access to HCSC’s 2 private snowboard parks
  • Professional coaching & video analysis
  • Unlimited 2016 board, boot and binding demos
  • Totally awesome off-snow activities
  • 22,000+ sq. ft. of private skate parks
  • Signature Session™ activities
  • Camper t-shirts, tons of giveaways and so much more!
  • 1 Year Subscription to Transworld Snowboarding Magazine
  • A giant supportive snowboard family! Over 100 friendly staff members and 25-40 amazing adult campers of all abilities from all around the country

High Cascade is Known for World-Class Coaching.

Under the Direction of Head Coach, Nick Poplawski, our world-class coaches of the likes of Max Warbington, Stan Wu, JD Dennis, and many others, focus on your specific needs to make you the best rider you can be. When you combine our world-class coaching with our pristine private parks in flawless summer weather, pregression is inevitable at HCSC…. Come dial in your riding skills, and take home a bag of tricks large enough to make even the best of pros jealous.

Whether You are Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced…

(Or anything in between) we’ll have just the right coach for you. Adult campers are divided into small coaching groups according to ability, and placed with the most suitable coach.  Each coaching group has 4-7 riders.  Even though we think the best riders out there are the most well rounded riders, we’ll let you declare your freestyle focus if you have one.  I.e. if you’re really into jumps, let us know so we can put you in the appropriate coaching group.  With that being said, our coaches will aim to do their best to turn you on to all aspects of board riding. Don’t knock it till you try it (a few times), or more appropriate, don’t knock it because you’re fearful of it….. that’s what our coaches are there for!

High Cascade is known throughout the world for its coaching programs and pristine facilities.  Depending on your experience, while at High Cascade you will:

  • learn how to link turns and stop
  • improve your basic riding skills
  • get introduced to the exciting world of park and/or pipe riding
  • get more comfortable in the park and/or pipe
  • learn basic freestyle skills
  • build onto your intermediate freestyle skills
  • hone your advanced freestyle freestyle skills

High Cascade is Known for World-Class Coaching.

Under the Direction of Head Coach, Nick “Pops” Poplawski, our world-class coaches of the likes of Seth Hill, Max Warbington, Colin Spencer, JD Dennis, and many others, focus on your specific needs to make you the best rider you can be. When you combine our world-class coaching with our pristine private parks in flawless summer weather, progression is inevitable at HCSC…. Come dial in your riding skills, and take home a bag of tricks large enough to make even the best of pros jealous.

Whether You are a Beginner, Intermediate, OR Advanced…

(or anything in between), we’ll have the right coach just for YOU! Campers are divided into coaching groups according to ability first, age second, and placed with the most suitable male or female coach. Our coaches are trained in freestyle snowboarding, and have the ability to coach at any ability level.

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Unlike instruction you may get at a resort, HCSC’s coaching program is designed to go hand-in-hand (or mitten-in-mitten) with our world-renowned snowboard parks (we’ve been building snowboard parks since the summer of 1990).  That means there is a specific progression for all our features and all of your riding; from the smallest Mini Features to the biggest Superpipe, our coaches will guide you through this terrain at your own pace to hot-step your progression and promote fun while doing so. We call the marriage of the people and our parks The Perfect Balance™ as it is designed specially to lead progression.

To really boil it down, in order to achieve The Perfect Balance™ High Cascade employs trained and Authorized Awesome™ coaches (people pt. 1) to help show our amazing campers (people pt. 2) how to use our Private Snowboard Parks (parks) how to advance their riding at a specific and comfortable pace (progression).

Mathematically speaking, it looks like this, for those “numbers” people.
High Cascade x (People + Parks + Progression) = The Perfect Balance™

Coaching Focus:

  • Technique
  • Balance
  • Body positioning
  • Approach and Landing
  • Edge Control
  • Speed Control
  • Air Awareness

How Long Are Your With Your Coach?

Campers are with their coach and group until 1:30*, and then finish the day by choosing any of the offered daily afternoon clinics… Everyday we offer optional freeride, Lap Park, jump, rail and halfpipe clinics for all abilities. Each session there will be optional Signature Clinics offered by Signature Session™ pros. How about a rail clinic with Mike Ravelson, a one-foot clinic with Scott Stevens or a jump clinic with Hana Beaman?!

*Unless scheduled for a photo/video shoot.

New To Snowboarding?

YES! We love new snowboarders. Learn about our Soft Start™ program for first timers here. This program utilizes natural terrain to help making learning to snowboard easy and fun!


hcsc adult camp coaching group

What makes High Cascade Snowboard Camp so Awesome?

We know that you have many choices when it comes to summer camps so we want you to know what sets High Cascade Snowboard Camp apart from the rest . . .

Our People

When you are in the human experience business, your people are what make the difference and that could not be more true than at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  We have hundreds of applicants each year, selecting only small percentage to work for us.  Then we train them better, pay them better, reward them and rest them better than any of our competitors.  People are a point of pride for High Cascade.

100% Snowboarding

Snowboarding is all we do.  That means the jumps, rails, pipes and coaching are designed just for snowboarders.


Most other camps are only 7-days.  We figure that if you’re going to get on a plane or jump in the car to get to Mt. Hood, you might as well stay awhile and get the most of your time and money.  Don’t go home just when you are starting really progress on your snowboard and having fun.  Stay 8-days at High Cascade . . . the best 8-days of your life!

Real snow in June, July and August!

We have never cancelled a session due to lack of snow. EVER.

The Biggest Snowboard Parks

It’s not so much that we have the most jumps, rails, freeride terrain and North America’s only 22′ Superpipe for snowboarders, it’s that they’re purpose-built for snowboarding and snowboard coaching (which means your rapid, safe progression).

All Mountain Summertime Riding

Mt. Hood is the only mountain in North America where you can freeride on over two miles of groomed trails in the summertime.  And Timberline’s two high-speed express quads making getting back to the top quick and easy.

Everything is included

We don’t tack on extra fees for airport transportation, food, or activities.  Simple and straight forward.


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Basically Any Adult Who Isn’t Afraid to Break the Mold of “Being an Adult.”

If you are a snowboarder of ANY ability level over 21 years old looking for a snowboarding adventure: this is the place for you. Whether you come alone, with a friend, with your children attending youth camp, or with a significant other, you will meet snowboarders from across the country and around the globe.

If you’re a skier or are new to snowboarding, come try Soft Start™ and learn to snowboard the easy way!

Doctors, lawyers, techies, trekkies, moms, dads, and even the occasional trust fund snowboard bum all come together for a session of fun and progression.  The supportive atmosphere at camp will push your riding limits, regardless of your skill level.

high cascade adult camp

Capture Camp Memories the New-Fashioned Way: Digitally.

While our professional photo / video squad can’t make you look like an Olympic superstar, they’ll capture some of your time at camp so you can show your family and friends and re-live it yourself for years to come.


The Session Video- $22

Each session, camp videographers scramble day and night logging and editing footage of the unique day-to-day camp happenings during the session. After days of filming and an all-night editing session, campers are presented with the Session Video Premiere on the last night of camp. The Session Video Premiere is a longtime camp tradition and just an all-around magical session-end experience for campers. And for $22 you can take this video home with you right after the premiere.

Add an optional Photo or Video shoot and leave camp with enough photos and footage to YouTube your Facebook off.

Photo Shoot – $80

For one hour a High Cascade photographer will get as many shots as possible of you. A completed photo shoot results in high quality action snowboard photos of you or your camper! Your photo shoot will be scheduled according to your ability level and you will be placed in a small group with other campers for the duration of your shoot. You will also be able to experience working with a photographer on-hill!

*Quality of photos will depend on your camper’s willingness to participate and ability level.

Video Shoot + Edit – $150

You will be filmed by a High Cascade Filmer hitting a feature or two for an hour & a half. Get after it and log as much footage as you can! You’ll be get a short, but incredible video edit approximately 1-2 minutes in length of all of your action video clips with an introduction and music. Along with the final edit, you will also get to experience working with a professional snowboard filmer on-hill and learning tricks of the trade! Your Video shoot will be scheduled according to ability level and you will be placed in a small group with other campers for the duration of your shoot.

*Length Video footage will vary depending on camper’s willingness to participate and ability level.


Length of Video Footage

Keep in mind that even though you have the videographer filming you for an hour and a half, this does not mean your logged footage will be an hour and a half long. Watching yourself board, hike, and take the chairlift for nearly two hours straight wouldn’t be too fun anyway! Also keep in mind that pros film all season long to produce a one-minute video part (or even less than that sometimes!). Think about it; you hit a rail. How long does it take? Less than 5 seconds, right? Bottom line, we’ll document you shredding. And the edit makes it look real nice. But, it will not be a 15+ minute totally sweet video of you. Because not even the best boarders out there can produce a totally sweet 15 minute video of themselves in a two-hour time period.

Photo and Video Shoot Combo Package- $225 (Bundle & Save)


  • Session Video ($22 value)
  • Photo Shoot ($80 value)
  • Video Shoot ($150 value)

Deluxe Video Shoot with Edit -$395

With this very limited premium video package, campers have the potential of up to five hours of filming scheduled over the course of four different shoot days. This premium package includes two one-hour private sessions with a filmer and involvement in two group filming sessions. This package is designed for campers highly interested and motivated to log lots of snowboarding footage and who want more personal control of their shoots. One of the private shoots does require the camper to snowboard on Activity Day, a day when campers would normally have the option of doing an activity such as whitewater rafting, skatepark tour, bowling and a movie, or paintball in lieu of snowboarding. Typically between 30%-60% of campers snowboard on Activity Day. Campers who have paid for the Deluxe Video Shoot should expect that they are scheduled to shoot on this day. Due to tight scheduling, a camper cannot make-up their missed one-hour private filming session if they opt to partake in an activity instead of snowboarding. You will receive a DVD with the edited high-definition footage on the last night of camp.  This is an amazing opportunity to capture your snowboarding!

Along with the final edit, you will also get to experience working with a professional snowboard filmer on-hill and learning tricks of the trade!

Group Shoot Setting

Campers thrive in small group shoots as opposed to riding alone; they generally encourage each other and motivate themselves better for the shoot. Campers will be grouped with three to seven other campers during their shoot(s). With these small group sizes, the photographer and/or videographer is more than able to get shots of each camper.  Each camper is provided with their individual footage, i.e. the campers don’t end up with shared group footage/photos.


Once paid in full, no refunds are issued for cancelled shoots or no-shows. Campers are informed prior to their scheduled shoot day when their shoot will take place. Due to tight scheduling, campers cannot be rescheduled if they are unable/do not attend their scheduled shoot.


In the event weather prohibits us from being able to fulfill your scheduled photo or video shoot we will do our best to reschedule on the make-up day (last day on-snow). In the event your camper’s shoot cannot be rescheduled, a full refund will be given.

Spots Available

Due to tight scheduling, limited photographers and videographers, and only so many hours in the day, our photo and video shoots usually fill up. Spots are LIMITED so sign up fast!

Purchase upon registration or LOGIN to your account now to add a photo / video shoot!

spencer schubert hcsc rope tow

camper photo shoots high cascade

high cascade summer snowboard camp video shoot

high cascade camper photo video shoot

hcsc camper photo shoot portrait

Payment Terms

A deposit equal to 25% of total purchase is due at the time of registration. Payment must be received in full by May 15. Any registrations made after this date must be paid in full at the time of sale with a VISA or MASTERCARD. Sorry we do not accept AMEX or Discover.

Payment Plans

Paying for camp shouldn’t be a burden, so we’re offering easy payment plans to let you pay for camp in installments. Want Grandma and Grandpa to pitch in for camp? Easy – let them cover one of the installments. Start your payments in the fall or winter and have camp paid off by Spring!

  • Setup monthly payment plans – taken out on the 15th of every month
  • Auto deductions from your checking account
  • Standard 25% deposit due at time of registration

Cancellation Policy

We are proud to offer the most lenient cancellation policy in the industry. Snowboarding is awesome, but sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t want to punish you for that. If you need to cancel your session please call 503.206.8520 to discuss your options, however a formal cancellation request must be made by email following the instructions below.

Cancel prior to 30 days before the start of your camp and receive a refund less a cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit up to $250 per session OR receive a full camp credit, good for two years and non-transferable.

Cancel within 30 days of the start of your camp and receive a refund less a cancellation fee of your deposit up to $500 per session OR Receive a camp credit less 50% of the deposit up to $250 per session, good for 2 years and non-transferable.

Cancel within 10 days of the start of your camp for any reason and receive a camp credit less a cancellation fee of your deposit up to $500 per session, good for 2 years and non-transferable.

Please keep in mind there are NO exceptions to the above cancellation policies (even in the extreme cases of emergency, injury or sickness). Your registration constitutes acceptance of this Cancellation Policy. High Cascade strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any such loss.

Cancellation Request Process

All cancellation requests must be emailed to [email protected] and include:

    •    Name

    •    Session to Cancel

    •    Chosen Cancellation Option (camp credit or refund less cancellation fee)

    •    Reason for cancellation

The date the email is sent notes the official cancellation date. One a credit is chosen, there will be no refunds issued at a later date. Camp credits are good for any High Cascade summer camp within a 2 year period, but are non transferable.

Session Transfer Fee

In the event you would like to switch your session, please email[email protected] or call 503.206.8520. Session transfers can be accommodated free of charge if space permits, and as long as it is at least 30 days from the start of your original session start date. Session change requests within 30 days of the start of your original session start date may be subject to a $250 late notice session transfer fee.

Injuries While at Camp

In the event that a camper is injured while at camp and does not get clearance from the Camp Nurse or physician to snowboard, there are two options for the camper:

1. Stay at camp and partake in an ‘off-hill’ activity while everyone else snowboards. In the afternoon and evening there are plenty of non-physical activities to keep an injured camper entertained. If you choose this option, no credits or refunds will be given.

2. Leave camp ASAP, and receive a pro-rated camp credit for days missed. You’ll be missed but we’ll get to ride with you again soon as Camp Credits are good for two years but are non-transferable.

Please keep in mind there are NO exceptions to the above cancellation policies (even in the extreme cases of emergency, injury or sickness).  High Cascade strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any such losses as well as lost airfare and transportation fees.  Please contact Assurance Solutions at 502-762-9185 or your preferred provider for insurance information.

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Ability Is!

Each summer at Adult Camp we have campers who have literally never snowboarded before (and occasionally campers who have never even seen snow).  On the other end of the spectrum, there is always one coaching group of very talented freestyle riders that at times give our coaches a run for their money…

About 80% of Adult Campers are Low-Intermediate Level Riders

The bulk of adult campers are low-intermediate level riders who want to work on their jump, rail and pipe riding.

Introduction to Park and Pipe Riding

If you come to camp with little-to-no experience on rails, jumps, or pipe, our coaches will be sure to help you with the skills and confidence you’ll need to enter the fun and exciting world of snowboard park features.  You have to start somehow right?  And High Cascade is the BEST place to get the skills and confidence you need to start hitting jumps, rails and the pipe.

Not Into Riding the Park Everyday?

Fret not!  We offer Adult Hot Laps™ options during Sessions One and Two.  With the abundant snow remaining during these two sessions, there is plenty of terrain to master your turning technique, or learn to use natural terrain to make your time on the mountain more enjoyable. A program designed to make the whole mountain your playground.  Learn more about our Hot Laps™ program here.

Are you New to Snowboarding?

If you are coming to camp with little-to-no interest in trying out any park features, attending Sessions One or Two will be your best bet.  Sessions One and Two offer more freeriding beginner terrain available to ride.  With that being said, Sessions One and Two are NOT the beginner Sessions, they just have more beginner friendly terrain.  Sessions One and Two are also the only adult sessions that the Soft Start™ coaching program is offered.  If you are a total beginner, or are considering bringing a total beginner, check out our Soft Start™ coaching program here.

How Does it Work with so Many Different Abilities?

Before you get to camp, you will fill out an ability form with questions regarding how long you’ve been riding, how frequently you ride, what your background (if any) is in the park, and which trick(s) if any you can land.  We then look over everyone’s ability forms and place them into small coaching groups based on ability.

high cascade adult camp portrait mt. hood

high cascade adult camp skill level rail


As a High Cascade Adult Camper

snowboarding is not the only fun to be had!  You will also have full access to all of our off-hill facilities and activities. Here at High Cascade we serve up a full menu of non-stop good times both on and off-hill.  The activities during the adult sessions are ‘kid free’ so you can have a young-at-heart adult summer camp experience.  However, with that being said, we won’t stop you from jumping in with the kids for an action packed game of split level dodgeball or special Signature Session™ activities going on throughout the session.  Even though there is a schedule packed full of planned adult specific activities for you, you can opt to spend your afternoons skateboarding, or just plain relaxing without the group.  After all, we’re going to bet you’re pretty worn out after riding each day.

Other than snowboarding, you can:

Mountain Bike Rides – Explore the Mt. Hood National Forest in a high speed downhill manner.

Learn to Skateboard Clinics – The best possible cross training for snowboarding is skateboarding. Pad up and learn to pump around the ramps. Already consider yourself a skateboarder? Have at it each afternoon after snowboarding if that’s your perogative.

Trampoline and Foam Pit Clinics – Here’s your opportunity to gain some air-awareness and practice your tricks off the snow. Let muscle memory take over and do the same tricks off the jumps the next day.

Tuning Clinics – Learn how to give your board the tune up it needs to perform.

Yoga Class – Loosen up and find those grabs easier

Hiking – The Mt. Hood National Forest is full of amazing hikes, beautiful views and insane waterfalls.

Kickball –  The adult kind.  Extra fun, because you probably haven’t played in years, or even decades!

White Water Rafting – Need to give your legs a rest for a day?  Charge the rapids of the Deschutes River.


Over 22,000 Square Feet of Skateboarding

Our Windells Academy Campus equals over 60,600 square feet of skateboarding good times.

Whether you’re learning to drop in on the Beginner Ramp Section or you are vying for a win at the Camp Huckleberry Jam™ Skate contest – we’ve got what you need: a giant bowl, mini bowl, beginner ramp, mini ramps, stair sets, jersey barriers, euro gaps, flat bars, ledges, banks and more…

Beginners Only:

Never skated before? Don’t own a skateboard, helmet or pads? Not sure which end to stand on or why you shouldn’t lick the grip tape? Don’t worry.  Beginner Skate is the answer for you.

Our beginner skate sessions give you the perfect, supportive atmosphere to learn form our coaches with other beginners and nobody else in sight!

Skate Tours:

If our private skateboard facility isn’t enough for you; take a skate tour of some of the North West’s world-famous skateparks.

This summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp you can demo over 500 brand new (futuristic!) 2018 setups. We work with the absolute best brands in snowboarding to ensure you have access to the best gear available. You get to try out gear that isn’t even in shops yet, FOR FREE! Save money by not flying with extra luggage while getting to try out a new set-up you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. You may keep the same set-up all session long, or switch out boots, boards and bindings as frequently as you’d like.

Not Sure What to Try?

Our demo staff is like a human snowboard-super-computer that will help you pick the perfect set up.

Boards From:

burton  dc  gnu  k2  lib  nitro  roxy  capita salomon signal

Boots From:

burton  dc  salomon  k2 32  nikeSB-200px  vans

Bindings From:

burton  salomon  k2  nitro

DYK: With airlines charging so much for baggage these days, traveling to camp without gear and using demo gear can be a good way to keep cash in your pocket.


Want to Know What to Expect?

7:30 Wake-Up

Time to put on the sunscreen, stretch out, make sure your equipment is ready and plan out the day.

8:00 Breakfast

Head over to Boardwalk with the adult campers and charge up for the day with all your breakfast favorites from bacon and eggs to cereals and fruit.

9:00 Head up to the Mountain with your coach

Hop on the private Adult Camper Shuttles, for the 6-mile ride to the lifts.

9:45 – 12:00 Shred

Ride our Private Parks and Pipe with your coach or take freeride laps on the lift with your group.

12:30 Break for Lunch

Post up and eat next to the Super Kicker for some lunchtime entertainment.

1:00 – 3:00 Shred

Join our Signature Session™ Pros for a clinic. Meet up with a different High Cascade coach for a clinic.  Hike the Superpipe, hit some jumps, slide some rails… whatever your feeling.

1:30 – 3:00 Grab a High Cascade Shuttle heading into camp every 20 min.

Getting tired is OK. Know your limits and head down to the shuttle zone when your legs can’t take it.

4:00 Meet up with the coaches for off-hill activities

If you still have tons of energy attend a skateboard clinic, bounce on the trampolines, or go for a mountain bike ride. If you’re beat from the hill, head over to video analysis or attend a tuning clinic.

6:00 Meet up for Dinner

Hop on a High Cascade Shuttle and head out with the group for a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants, or stay back at camp where the High Cascade Chefs prepare a big home cooked meal every night.

After Dinner

Meet up for something mellow like watching snowboard movies or hit the town with the rowdy crowd. It’s up to you, just remember we’re going snowboarding tomorrow…



Three meals a day are included with any ‘all-inclusive’ or ‘everything but lodging’ session. Each morning we serve up a hot breakfast buffet, with staples like eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage and veggie sausage.  There is also a full cereal bar, fruits, yogurt, bagels, breads and muffins.  Before or after breakfast you’ll pack your lunch to take with you snowboarding.  We don’t want to take up your precious on-snow time having to leave for lunch, so you’ll have a snow picnic with your coach and group.  Lunch offerings for your packing delight include peanut butter and jelly, a variety of lunch meats, cheeses, various sandwich toppings, chips, pretzels, fruits and granola bars.  Each evening the adults get together for adult conversation, adult beverages and good food.  Some nights you’ll visit local restaurants in the area, and other nights dinner will be catered in at the adult chalet.  Both routes will leave you satisfied and pleasantly surprised. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options for every meal of the day. **Meals are not included in the ‘Coaching Only’ package, those participating in this package will need to pack a lunch.**

The K-Unit™ (aka – Kitchen Unit)

Our kitchen staff makes the Iron Chefs look like a high school home economics class. This tight knit group of skilled culinary artists will not only shred lettuce and cheese for taco night, but can be seen shredding their faces off in our parks. If you think their roast beef looks good at dinner you should see them serving it up off The Big Jump™. The K-Unit™ is very serious about what they serve up, on and off-hill.

Special Food Requests?

We understand that some people have mild to severe allergies to certain foods, and we don’t want that to keep you from being able to have The Best 8 Days of Your Life. If you have a specific food allergy, or special food need, let the office staff know upon signing up and we’ll make the right precautions to help to make your stay at High Cascade as safe as possible.

high cascade snowboard camp adult camp dinner salmon

hcsc adult camp dinner timberline lodge

The High Cascade Chalets are located in the quaint little village of Government Camp. Below is a list of lodging options for those interested in the ‘Everything But Accommodations’ or ‘Coaching Only’ packages.  The following lodging options are in the village of Government Camp, and are Authorized Awesome™ by High Cascade for Adult Camp.   Any of these options will put you within walking distance of the rest of camp (listed in order of proximity to camp facilities). If you are would like to stay in an accommodation not listed below, please email or call us to discuss logistics before making reservations.

The Lodge at Government Camp

If you’re looking to stay right smack in the middle of Government Camp, the newly constructed luxury condos at The Lodge at Government Camp is your best option. Staying at The Lodge puts you in the heart of Government Camp, right on the main loop drive.  Guests can enjoy swimming pool and hot tub privileges at the Timberline Lodge, 10 miles away, slopeside the ski areaThe Lodge is approximately $199-$325/night. (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.) Ask about the Special Discount for High Cascade families.

The Huckleberry Inn

The Huckleberry Inn is also right smack in the middle of the Village of Government Camp. The Huckleberry Inn is a great hotel style option for families and groups (many rooms are bunk-style hotel rooms). Enjoy The Huckleberry’s 24-hour diner and a basic place to put your body to rest. Approximately $85-$155/night. (Fees may vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)

Collins Lake Resort

Collins Lake Resort is another great spot to be and is less than a 5 minute walk to meet up with the rest of adult campers.  It has an outdoor heated pool and hot tub and would be great for small groups.  These deluxe multi-level condos have full kitchens, garages, laundry facilities and much more.  Condos ranges from approximately $199-$389/night and during your time at HCSC they generously offer a 10% discount (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)

Thunderhead Lodge

Staying at the Thunderhead Lodge puts you just outside of the village of Government Camp. Thunderhead is across the street from the Grand Lodges.  These older, more affordable condos are approximately a 6-8 minute walk from the main loop in Government Camp.  Pool on site (heated with geothermal energy) Approximately $85-$155/night. (Fees vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)


The Mt. Hood Inn is about a 8-10 minute walk from the main Government Camp loop. Approximately $159-$179/night. (Fees may vary during seasons, days of the week and number of guests.)