Behind the High Cascade Ad: January

Posted in: Announcements, Authorized Awesome, Story Behind The Ad Posted On: December 4, 2013 By: Kevin English


Since the inception of High Cascade Snowboard Camp in 1989, we have continually progressed and evolved. From our ground breaking Rail Island™ to bringing the first pipe groomer to Mt. Hood, offering 2 private rope tows, Signature Sessions™ with your favorite pros and being the only camp to have two private snowboard parks HCSC has always been a pioneer.

One thing that hasn’t changed in our 25 years of snowboarding on Mt. Hood is the addition of ski camps. Why? The answer is simple: we are a snowboard camp for snowboarders that is owned and operated by snowboarders. Everything we do is for snowboarders. If we ran a ski camp, your experience snowboarding would be sacrificed . . . and we won’t do that! You can be a “jack of all trades” or a “master of one. “ We’re focused on just one.

It’s not that we don’t like skiers. We do. It’s just that our passion lies in building and maintaining the best snowboard camp and parks in the world. We design and build our park the way snowboarders want to ride it, from jumps with just the right amount of pop to perfect flat approaches to rails. What else comes from having a 100% Snowboarding™ camp? The snowboarders from around the world who travel to Mt. Hood each summer to celebrate snowboarding. At High Cascade you’ll meet and ride with other snowboarders who speak your language and share your passion for snowboarding.

So if you are a snowboarder, or even a skier who wants to try snowboarding, come ride with us this summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. We’ll work our hardest to make sure it’s the best 8 days of your life. That is unless you stay longer than one session!