Airblaster Airglobe Activity

Posted in: HCSC Girl, Miscellaneous, Session 3, Signature Sessioner News, Summer Memories, Youth Camp Posted On: July 18, 2013 By: Kevin English

Summer is a hard time for the avid snowboarder.  The days are long and hot.  And while skateboarding, surfing, etc. are good alternatives to snowboarding, nothing beats the real thing.  Here at High Cascade, many kids can quench their thirst for snowboarding.  What happens when they go home though?  It is a sad time to leave the snow and have to wait for that first snowfall of winter.  The girls each session have the opportunity to take a little token with them though.  A token to remember their time at High Cascade and to dream of winter.  Airblaster has created a snowglobe making activity!  And their very own, Leanne Pelosi came to hang out with the girls!  Check out the pictures!






-All photos taken by Brandon Huttenlocher